#23 New Year's Eve Party - 3 Make up Ideas

          Hello guys! Omg did you miss me? Cause I missed you! It feels so weird not to write here everyday. But I think that I have to get use to cause I should start learning for my exams at uni. I so freaking scared, nervous and sterssed already that I don't know how is it gonna looks like in a month, when the exams will come.
          Okay, but moving on to the topic of the post, I was planning on doing another Get Ready With Me, be honestly I'm so lazy for the last couple of days that these 3 makeup looks are everything that I could do for you by now xd But if you'd like to see my hairstyle nails and outfit I will probably post some photos on Instagram so feel free to stalk me there.
          Okay so I've done 2 make up looks and the third one will be just a photo or a couple of photos cause I've tried to do it on me and apparently it doesn't look good cause I have too small eyes but if you are lucky enough and have huge beautiful eyes this look will probably work out perfectly for you.

1) Atempt of recreation Suzy's (aka HelloOctoberxo on Youtube, you should check her out her videos are amazing and she really pretty, she also has a blog New Year's Eve - Get Ready With Suzy <3) Make up look, just a diffrent lipstick

What I used:

*DiorSkin Star Long Wear Foudation in #022 

*Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer #Ivory

* MAC Eyeshadow in Chorcoal Brown and Clear Brow Set (for my brows)

* Bourjois Bronzing Powder Delice de Poudre #52

* Sleek Blusher in #Rose Gold

* Sleek Face Contour Kit #Light (just a highlighter for my cheekbones, under my brow bow, in inner corners of my eyes and on my cupid bow)

* Soap & Glory It's About Prime #Bright Light

*The Balm (Nude'tude palette) #stand -offish (as a base), #stubborn on the outer "v" of my eye and #sultry over the top of stubborn, then I just took #stand-offish under bottom lash (the inner half) and #stubborn ( the outer half under the lower lash line)

*L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim #Intense Black

*Rimmel Moisture Renew #660 In Love with Ginger

2) Look Numer 2

I know it's slightly green and yellow but I hope you don't mind

What I used:

Base was excaclty the same as in a previous one, so I'm gonna just write what did I use for the eyes and lips :)

*Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad #like mink duo (the beigy one) all over the lid

*Isadora Eyeshadow Trio #84 Forest I used the middle one, really, really dark khaki green with golden glitter in it and used it like an eye liner and took it also on the outer half of my bottom lid

*Bourjois (I have no idea how is it exactly called cause the name rubbed off but it is the lip crayon) #02 Fuchsia Libre

3) Some more ideas 

These photos aren't mine. I took it from website, you should check it out, I found it recently and i really, really love it <3

That is all for today, let me know in the comments which look suit me better, and which should I wear. Also I hope I inspired you in some way and let me know are you going to do any of those make ups. And If you won't them let me know how you makeup will look like cause I'd love to know. 
I think that this the the last post here, this year, but maybe I'll come up with something extra , in the morning on New Year's eve, we'll see. So yup, if it is the last post I hope 2015 will be even better then 2014 and also I hope you'll stick with me and my little blog through out the 2015 too. 

Lots of love xoxo


#22 What I love about winter | Blogmas

          Hello everybody! How are you today? OMG it's Christmas Day! Did you get cool presents? I hope you got everything you wanted. I here today to tell you that unfortunately it is my last blogmas post ;C. I know you're sad now xd anyways I am because it was so fun to do. So, I think if you enjoyed reading all of these posts I will do another blogmas next year. Tell me in the comments what you think of that, okay?
           Okay, so without further ado, today I have a list of this that I love about Christmas, so here we go!

1. Hot chocolate
2. Christmas
3. Christmas Songs
4. Christmas Movies
5. Lots of snow
6. Fairy lights in your room are finally allowed
7. Decorating my Room
8. Buying presents
9. Christmas Secret Menu in Starbucks
10. Decorating Christmas Tree
11. Cute Christmas themed sweaters and leggins
12. Vlogmas on youtube
13. Christmas onesies <3
14. Cold weather
15. Fuzzy Socks
16. New Year's Eve
17. Snuggling in front of fireplace
18. Fanfictions/ books about christmas love
19. Knitted hats
20. Gingerbread cookies

Okay, so that is my list of this that, I love about winter but most of them, are related to Christmas really :P I hope you don't mind about that xD So, tell me in the comments what did you get this Christmas and what are your 3 favorite things about winter, I would love to know that. So, that is it for today and this blogmas and I will "see" you next Monday! I think it is gonna be the last Get Ready With Me this year, so if you'd like to see that stay tuned and yeah... I love you all sooo much, byee x

Lots of love xoxo


#21 IT'S X-MAS EVE!!! - Merry Christmas Everyone! | Blogmas

          Hi everyone! It's me again. Did you miss me? Soooooo... IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! I know that it might seems weird but in Poland we actually wish each other merry christmas on christmas eve. So, here I am, and that is what I want to do today :>

         Okay guys so I wanted to wish you mery Christmas, everything what's the best, a lot of smiles on your faces, positive attitude all year round, a lot of love and I hope you spent your Christmas Dinner with your family or the one that you love. I also wish you a great, great New Year's Eve party, I hope that 2015 will be even better then 2014 for y'all. I hope you will be still with me in 2015 reading all of it and commenting on my posts. I love you all sooo much, I hope you have amazing day and got or will get tomorrow a lot of the present that you were dreaming about. I also hope that all your dreams will come true and you will find a love of your life if you haven't already like me. And I actually have a one more post for this year's blogmas so stay tuned because tomorrow sth new will be here and yeah... I actually heard that I'm a master in making wishes but I think it would be better if I know you all in person then I could customized them :> But yeah... that's all for now and once again Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukah whatever you celebrate xoxo

Lots of love, Merry Christmas again xoxo


#20 1 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Decorating My Christmas Tree | Blogmas

          Hello people! How is it going? I hope you're good. I'm feeling much better today. That was probably unneccecary but you know... (I wanted to keep you up to date). So this is blogmas day 6. And for today I've got sth really, realy christmasy for you! Me and my mum decorated our christmas tree today! Finally! I know I won't probably sound modest but I truely love our christmas tree, I think this is the most beautiful christmas tree ever, even though it's an artificial tree.
          We have this christmas tree for about 10 years now, I believe. And also most of our decorations are as old as this tree but they are so so pretty <3 Okay so here you have some pictures of us decorating it.

Okay guys so that is it for today. I hope you enjoyed it. If you can send me pictures of yours christmas trees on snapchat or twitter and yeah... I'll "see" you tomorrow xx.

Lots of love xoxo


#19 2 DAY 'TIL X-MAS - Q & A | Blogmas

          Hi everyone :) You probably can't tell but it is not my day today really... feel a little bit melancholic today. If music could describe my mood that would be Ludovico Einuadi music, especially these song which where in soundtrack of Intouchables. Kinda sad, kinda calm, kinda not really wanting to laugh or soever. You know what I mean right? I think everyone does have those days sometimes and mine happend to be today. I felt it was coming, I hadn't have one for a really long time. Like, since summer. Okay but let's stop talking about my mood and let's do sth nice and fun.

          Today I've got some Q&A for you. If you're not addicted to the youtube videos (I mean yeah that's understandable if you haven't heard about them but if you already know... you know... go to the and watch some videos, it is really addictive, believe me x) you could not know what it is. So basically, Q&A stand for Questions and Answers; you guys asks me questions and I answer them all for you. Okay, so let's begin.

1. Dog or cat? And why?

Hmmm.. well, I own a dog, she is my second one now. And she is the same breed as the preview one. And I love her to pieces but I think that in the futer I will own a cat, not a dog. Sooo I'd say I love both dog and cat :>

2. What is the most valuable in your friends for you?

For sure I appreciate the most the fact that they are always beside me, the are honest with me and they won't laugh at me or my problems ever, ever, ever.
I think this is the most impostrant to me in my friends <3

3. What have inspired you in creating this blog? What would you like to achive here?

Wow, that's an interesting one. I think it is not a thing that inspired me, that were people. Mostly Zoe Sug (aka Zoella on youtube) but I also love Fleur and Louise, Lilly, Vivianne lots and lots of people. I thought that is amazing that they write about their life and things that they love and I always wanted to give it a go. And if someone would ever enjoy reading my blog as much as I do read their's then I'm compleate and super duper happy. I think that is the point of it.
Btw, I also thought of making a youtube account and start posting there, but I think my computer and editing skills are not good enough yet, and I thought that blogging would be a good thing to start with. And I really, really like doing this. I hope I won't ever stop doing this.

4. Do you want to be popular?

If I have to be honest with you few years ago, when I was in junior high school, that was what I were living for. That was my ultimate dream. Maybe not being in the centre of attention but I wanted people to like me. And back then I was so determined to achive that, that I did whatever "the cool group" wanted me to do, because I thought if I'd help them, they started to like me, and tell me their secret and invite me on different birthday parties or slumber parties, but it didn't happened. They were just taking advantage form me and I ended up crying at home and sometimes at school too. But at the end of my junior high school I started to talk to "less liked group" with which I am friend till now, and I love them o the moon and back.
The point of this story is not your pity for me, I was just "thinking out loud". I think this is not popularity want I wants. I want people to like me for who I am and if I need to change or do what others wats me to do then I don't want this. I just want a group of people who are as weird as me and would enjoy my company. Even in here, on blogspot, if someone would come here to hate me for what I'm doing then fu*k you, I'm super happy with those 2 people who comment my blog posts and the fact that they like what I'm doing and maybe me, is enough for really.
Wow, that was impressive, really deep, really long. Okay let's move on xd

5. If you could visit ever country of the world, where would you start and why there?

I think that I would start from Australia, for people who know me in person that was probably obvious, but yeah, I'm in love with this country, with Troye Sivan (australian youtuber) with their accent, with th nutare, monuments, beaches, oncean, people out there, and it is really really far away from my country and the tickets are super expesive so probably I won't ever afford to go there, but yeah, I'd start from there.

6.In your opinion practic or theory is more important?

I think it depends on the thing that we are speaking about but I would go for practic, cause it is not important if you know the rule or the formula if you understand it in your own away and can use it in a real life.

7. What do you think about alcohol and drugs? What's worse?

Okay, that is really deep too. I think that alcohol on a secial ocasions, parties and in small amounts is okay. Like on birthday, New Year's Eve etc. But if you act violent after alcohol or if it becomes your habit, like at least one shot per day, or one bottle of wine/champage, I think that is the moment when you stop drinking at all or ask for help. And I don't have an opinion on drugs, I think they are wose then alcohol, more addictive and I don't want to have any thing to do with it really.

8. Do you believe in friendship between woman and man? Do you know any example?

Yes, I acctualy believe, because I know some examples. For instant, 2 of my friens from high school, they wouldn't ever consider a ralationship but they are such a good friends. Same with for example youtubers. Well I don't know them in person but you can see f.ex. Joey and Zoe they are not in a relationship and they are good friends. And of course every girl/woman loves gay friend. I know this is not excatly the same but still. For example Troye and Zoe or Tyler and Zoe (again youtubers, you should check them out xd)

9. Show me a picture of your dog.

Here is my doggy and her puppies. She's called Daisy <3

10. What is your favorite thing to do in a free time?

It will probably sound like everyone's answer but I love spend time with my friend, watch my fav tv shows, read some books and of course youtube marathos are my guilty pleasure. I can sit an watch those videos literally all night.

11. Which youtubers do you watch?

Huhuhu I was waiting for it <3 I watch soooo many youtubers. Omg but I'll try to write here all of them, so here we go:

  1. Zoella
  2. MissGlamorazzi
  3. EssieButton
  4. Mylifeaseva
  5. BeyondBeautyStar
  6. Tanya Burr
  7. MyHarto
  8. Daily Grace
  9. Gabby
  10. MacBarbie07
  11. StilaBabe09
  12. SprikleofGlitter
  13. Michelle Phan
  14. Mamrie Hart
  15. PsychoSoprano
  16. Mirnada Sings
  17. Jenna Marbels
  18. Fleur de Force
  19. LadySmart
  20. MakeupByMandy
  21. LucyAndLydia
  22. HelloOctoberxo


1.Troye Sivan
2.Tyler Oakley
3.Pointless Blog
4.Marcus Butler
5.Connor Franta 
6.Caspar Lee
7.Thatcher Joe
8.Jim Chapman
9.Jacks Gap
11.Joey Graceffa

12. Why did you choose philology romanesque?

I have learnt french for three years in high school and it was quite intensive and I love this langues + I want to be stweardesse in fure so that woul probably help me + I want to live in the UK in future so I think it would be good to be transtalor/ interpreter in the UK, and yeaaah...

13. What are your top 5 favorite movies?

Five? Only five? who am i supposed to do just top 5? okay I'll try. I love Green Mile, Titanic, Grease, Intouchable and Notting Hill the most.But also I love Flower of Dessert and The Fault in Our Stars. (but then comes Harry Potter saga and Pirates of Carabbien saga and Step up saga)

14. What do you eat for breakfast? 

Ummm you know, it changes but usually I go for an apple or other fruit or just natural yoghurt with honey, some musli and banana :>

          Okay so that is it for today's post. That was Blogmas day 5 probably. I hope you enjoyed it if you did them leave me some more questions in the comments or in the "your questions" section on top of the page. I love you guys all sooo much and I will see you tomorrow with another blogmas post. 

Lots of love xoxo


#18 3 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Christmasy Cookies | Blogmas

          What's up guys? How are you today? What have you been doing? I had quite a nice day :> I went to the cinema with my mum and bought some things in Zara and then I was at my friend's house and we've been making and decorating christmas cookies. And when I came back, I watched The Fault in Our Stars on dvd, the second time with my parents and sister. Quite prodactive day, as far as I am concerned xD.
          Okay, I'm rambling again, sorry let's just do what have to be done. A quick and easy recepie for delicious christmas cookies. Here we go:


* 30 dag of flour

* 15 dag of butter

* 10 dag of icing sugar

* 1 egg yolk

* 1-2 tables spoons of cream

* vanilla

* pinch of salt

* icing sugar for a topping


1. Stiff the four on a pastry board, add butter (cut into cubes).

2. Next add sugar and mix it with flour and butter. Make a hole in the middle of your dough and add your yolk, grated vanilla, cream, add salt and mix the dough with you hand to bind all the ingredients nicely.

3. Form a "ball" and move it to a colder place in order to rise

4. Then take a dough and roll it out on a pastry board (pastry board should have some flour on, if you don't want your dough to stick to it), it should be 1 cm thick (I hope you know what I mean)

5. Then cut out your cookies with forms or just a small thin glass.

6. Put your cutted dough on a baking tray and put into preheated oven.

7. When it gets cold sniff some icing sugar on it and enojy.

Omg it was my very first self made recepie I hope you understood it some how and that I hope you're gonna like it as much as I do. So that is all for tomorrow let me know if you're gonna try to do them and if they were tasty. See you tomorrow with another blogmas post. Love you all sooo much

Lots of love xoxo


#17 4 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Christmasy nail art | Blogmas

Hi everyone! How you've all been today? I hope you had a nice day :) So, here I am with another blogmas post for you.  Today I've got some nail art again, cause you've seemed to relly like it last time (for Halloween). So, I'm gonna try my best and attempt to recreate some of which I found somewhere on tumblr or we<3it.

Okay, I supposed to do 4 but I couldn't do the last one as nice as I'd like to so I'm gonna show you just 3 :> And 2 of them are really similar tbh. But I hope you don't mind and youl'll like it at least a little bit.

Nail varinshes that you'll need:

1) Santa Hats

2) Little Santa

3) Cady Cane

Okay, so that is it for today, tell me in the comments what do you think of those three. That was my blogmas day number 3. Tomorrow some baking is coming <3 I hope you liked this post and that you're gonna like tomorrow's too. If you try to recreate these nail art make sure to send me some pictures on twitter. I love you all.

Lots of love xoxo 


Okay this is really "not like me" but I think today won't be any thing in P.S. section. Just don't forget to subscribe, remeber that you can ask me questions and I'll anwsear them all and don't forget to rate this post by clicking one of those little boxes underneath. Love you soooo much. I'll "see" you tomorrow :333


#16 5 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - DIY Christmas Cards | Blogmas

          Hello guys! How are you today? I am personally really excited and happy that I can fianly breath easily, because the winter break has just started <3.
          Okay, but back to the topic, welcome back to my blog. I'm here today with the Blogmas Day 2 and as I said yesterday, we're about to get a little bit crafty. I don't really know who it is going to end up but I promise,  that I will try my very best for y'all and for people, that I'm gonna send those cards :) I think they're going to appreciate it anyways and I'm sure that if any of you would do sth like this for someone for christmas they're going to fall in love with it. Not only because it will look amazing but also, because of the fact that they can see, you actually put some effort in making a present for them :>
            Okay, so today I'm gonna show you 3 different ways how to make your christmas card look really cute and festive :>

Things you will need:

you will need also some sheets of lighter green paper and yellow to make a star
Tbh I haven't had a lighter green paper so I took just regular white one and coloured it with light green oil pastel :>

for bigger and more fancy buttons I would recommend using hot glue. It has a better staying power then sellotape

alternativaly you can also use some chalk

1) Colorful Fairy Lights

draw a fairy light shape and then cut it out

draw a contour of your fairy light with the colours of your choice
Small tip: it would look way more pretty on a black paper but I didn't have one

sorry for the shitty quality but my camera went crazy a few time when I was tring to take a picture of each step.

smudge the contour with your finger

2) Button Baubles

3) Striped Christmas Tree
okay so this card is a little bit more complicated
you need to cut out 2 dark green strips and one lighter green(11x0,5 cm each)
then 2 lighter green strips and one dark green (9x0,5 cm each) 
next there are to darker green sprips and one lighter (7x05 cm each)
and then 2 strpis one darker and one lighter (5x0,5 cm each)
and then 2 darker green strips and 2 lighter ones (3x0,5 cm each)
and last but not least 2 lighter green strips and one darker green (1,5x05 cm) and 1x1 cm square for a star
[I hope you understood it some how]

that little "wooden" black thing underneath the christmas tree I just draw with black sharpie

So that's all for today,I'm kinda proud of my self you know? It actually looks nice. I think that the Fairy Lights one is my favorite. And how about you guys? Which one would you like to get or give somebody? Tell me in the comments. I hope you found it helpful and that I inspired you in some way. For tomorrow's post I plan some nail art, winter themed of course, so stay tuned.

Lots of love xoxo

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this kind of post and if you'd like to see more :>. Don't forget about rating this note by cliking one of those little boxes underneath the post. And wow I don't know what else should I write, I think this time it will be shorter xD Okay guys, see you tomorrow. I love you all very, very much ;333