#00 Hello, Hi, Cheers and Welcome :)

Hello, Hi, Cheers and Welcome.

I'll start with introducing myself. So, my name is Claudia, I'm almost 19 years old. I was born in Poland but I truely believe that someday I will live in the UK, so I've decided to write this blog in English. I know that my English isn't perfect.. Oh.. How I wish it was... But fortunately I found a really lovely, helpful person who will be guiding me with it all at the begining.

I want this blog to be about me, about what I'm doing but also some haul, reviews (either on cosmetics or on books). I would like to write about my trips, my cooking attepmps, my DIYs or any other fun things. In the future I'd like to become a youtuber because it seems to be really fun and I'd really, really, really love to do it. But for now, I'm gonna start blogging and have a little fun because it should be a great experiance too.

So, that should be enough for now. I hope this blog will be developing and you will enjoy my posts one way or another, hopefully I'll write something soon. I've already had a bunch of ideas, but we'll see :D.
                                                               Lots of love xoxo

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  1. Życzę powodzenia! :D
    Na pewno zyskasz wielu czytelników! :D