#01 It has to be the best summer ever.

            You know what? My 2 last holidays were so awful and boring that I've decided to change it this year. I have planned soooo many great things for this vacation. I want to make this summer the best summer of all time. I've seen Alfie's video on YouTube (aka PointlessBlog) called " 25 things to do this summer " recently and I want to do this list myself and then take a photo for you, for me and the unforgetable memories. After acomplishing one of them I will do a note and upload a pic of this (or maybe I'll just do one note at the end of the vacation, I'm not quite sure yet.)

            So far, it was only a week long trip with my dad in Rome (Italy), Dubai (UAE) and Tel - Aviv (Israel). There will be a seperate note about it. I also passed my A-levels from which I'm really proud of myself.

So, now my plans:

1) Do everything that will be on my "To do list for summer".

2) Get a summer job.

3) Save some money and go for another trip with my friends in September.

4) Get into uni.

5) Go on a baptism of my little cousin Sophie.

6)Have a great time and enjoy every minute of the holidays.

P.S. Tell me what your plans are for this vacation.

                                                              Lots of love xoxo

My current favorite song: ( I wasn't quite sure at the beginning if I'm gonna like it or not but at the end I think It's gonna be my ultimate favorite song of this summer. I really, really love that song. I hope you'll like it too. )

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  1. Gratulację do podjęcia się planu na wakacje!
    Bardzo dobry pomysł :) Życzę powodzenia ^,^
    Plan na życie to idealny start do samorealizacji !
    Pozdrawiam :D