#03 Get Ready With Me: My 19th birthday celebration!

          Well hello everyone :) How was your day? Are you feelin good? Cause here, were I live, almost everyone has a runny nose and cough.  I truely hope that you're gonna like this note, as you probably noticed by the title it's gonna be my first Get Ready With Me.

          Soo, today I'm gonna show you my make up, my hair and part of my outfit for my birthday "kind of" party. Plus, I got for you some ideas for snacks, and I've tried a recepie of chocoate cupcakes which Gabby from @/ Gabriella added in her recent video on youtube (in her "Pamper Routine"). But unfortunately I haven't taken photos after each step, just a final effect, so I'm sorry for that but I'm gonna write here the ingridients and instructions of the whole process for you, you don't have to worry my sweeties :P

         Alrighty, here we go.

I just curled my hair with a curling wand and took them all on the right side and the back was just pined with some bobby pins.
Here you've got my whole face and part of my outfit, I don't have a photo of me in which you can see my bottom half, but I just paired it with a dark plain jeans and some black shoes.

As far as my make up is concerned I just did a not that dark brown smokey filled my eye brows apply some mascara and liqued eyeliner in the lashline and on the oter half of my bottom lash line. It wasn't super precise, cause it was my very firt attempt of this look but it wasn't that bad, I think.

Sorry for this close up of my face full of imperfections but I haven't applied foundation cause it was really warm and it would probably all melt down on my face in an hour or so.

Products I used on my face:

*Moisturizer: Nivea Soft
*CC Cream: L'oreal Nude Magique CC
* Concealer : Rimmel Wake Me Up #01 Ivory
* Powder: Essence All About Matt!  Transparet powder 
*Bronzer: Rimmel Match Perfection Bronzer #001 Light (for bronze a little bit my neck)
* 2nd Bronzer: The Body Shop honey bronze #01 light matte
* Blusher: W7 : Candy Floss
*Highlighter: TheBalm MAry-Lou Minizer (it isn't in the pic sorry!)

Products I used on my brows, eyes and lips:

Eye Brows: Charcoal Brown Mac eye shadow 
Clear Mac brow set

Eyes: *Eyeshadows: Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze/ Bad to the bronze (all over the lid)
theBalm Nude'tude palette - Sultry on the crease and outer V
theBalm Mary-Lou Minizer (just a bit in my inner corners to brighten up the eyes)
*Liquid eyeliner: L'oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer Waterproof
*Mascara: Max factor False Lash Effect

Lips: * Lip Balm: Nivea Sun Protect
             *Lip crayon: Zoeva Sweat Heat

Brushes that I used:

Real Techniques Expert Face brush
Real Techniques Powder brush

Zoeva Luxe Petit Crease #231
Zoeva Wing Liner #317
Inglot #6SS
Eyelash Curler: just a random one from Boots

For my nails I just went for two coats of pinky coral nail varnish from Essie in Cute as a Button
(it is a bit darker in here because of my rubbish lightning in my room)

And at the end I just painted my nails with an Insta Dry Top Coat from Sally Hansen

Okey let's move to the cupcakes :)

* 115 g of soften butter
* 115 g of self raising flour ( I used a regular one and because of that I should add a pinch of baking powder)
* 115g of costar sugar
* 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
* 2 eggs
* 1/3 of chocolate
* 2 handfulls of mini marshmellows
* some nuts


Set your oven on 180 degrees

1. Add 2 hot tablespoons of water to your cocoa powder and mix it together and then set it aside
2. Put a butter and a costar sugar to a bowl and mix it together with a mixer/blender.
3. And 2 eggs and mix it again.
4. Then add your mixture of cocoa powder and water and again mix it together.
5. Add siffed floar and mix it with a spoon
6. Put 2 table spoons of a mixture to each of you bun tins.

This mixture should make 12 cupcakes.
Put them in the oven and Leave them in it for 20 mins.

Next for your topping: 

You just need to melt you chocolate, then put your marshmellows to the chocolate and mix it together. Apply it on you cupcakes when they'll cool down and put some nuts on your chocolate(y)- marshmellow(y) mixture and you're done. 
Bon appetit! xx

I acctualy just add a chocolate syrup and some chocolate topping, cause I didn't have any nuts and chocolate bar and it was yummy as well :>
Okey and tell me, am I the only person who is so weird that like to eat a cake before it is put to the oven, like the rest from the bowl and all that stuff? I know that it isn't healthy but it is sooo yummy to me that I just can't resist every time I bake cupcakes xD

And now, for the end of the post, I'll just give you some pics of the snack which were on my birthday party table.

This last yellow mixture in the bowl is just a mixture of butter, oil olive and some spices.
What I did with it was just apply some of it to a cut bread and take it on the BBQ to grill for a bit and it was delicious <3

                                                                   Lots of love xoxo

P.S. If you liked this post let me know in the comments and tell how you celebrated or will be celebrating your birthday, this year. I'm sorry for the quality of my photos but it's  beacause they have been taken by my iPhone and not a camera. But I will use my Nikon next time, I promise. If you have any question or sth that you don't like about this note just leave it in the comment and next time when I will be doing my GRWM post I'll take it under considaration. 
And I will write the next note probably on Monday. 
Bye for now.


  1. I'm ready!!! Where are my cupcakes and nailpolish?

    I celebrated my 46th birthday with a steak sammich and tons of beer..Then again, that's also how I celebrate Mondays!!!

    Great blog, keep going :)

  2. Oh wow, nice one
    Hahah okey xd You can celebrate your birthday everyday, aren't you?
    Thnaks for your comment honey xx

  3. great note, bae ;) i'm sitting here now and thinking about your eyes (no matter how it sounds!) because omg they are so green like grass or something idk i just adore them ha. and it's just 16 days left to my birthday and i can't wait, because i'm gonna spend it with my friends and i can't wait till i open all this presents from them and i'm just so excited! it's gonna be something like slumber party i think hahah
    love your blog and i'm waiting impatiently for a new note!

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. Awww, thank u very much bae :* I don't really like the colour of my eyes because the change with the lightning xd but I'm glad that you like it :> I hope you're gonna have an amzaing bday ;3
      Lots of love xx

  4. Oczy przepiękne ! :D
    Az się nie mogę doczekać, aż mnie tak wymalujesz <3
    Urodziny były mega :D W sumie sama na nich byłaś :D
    I kolejne się zbliżają ! Oczywiście będziesz na nich :D
    Jestem wstrząśnięta faktem, że tych babeczek/ciasteczek nie jadłam T.T Smutałę
    ~ Pozdrawiam <3

    1. Dziękuję ci bardzo za komplement :* Przepraszam, że nie dałam Ci skosztować ale może zrobie takie na twoje urodzinki? zobaczymy jeszcze, w każdym razie jeszcze ich spróbujesz, masz moje słowo xxx
      Kocham i dziękuje za komentarz <3