#06 Halloween Nail Arts

          What's up sweeties? How y'all doing? I had a crazy busy day, or rather few days. I'm going to the Uni only for two  weeks  and I already can't manage to do all of this stuff that I am suppossed to. And the worst thing about this is the fact, that it's just the beginning. So, keep your fingers crossed, cause I the need to pass it :P I'm terrifaited as I'm thinking about it at the moment, tbh.

          But let's move to the actual topic of this note NAIL ARTS, I'm quite excited if I have to be honest with you and I really cannot paint my nails so it could be really sloppy ATEMPT of me doing a nail art but it's here for you to give you some inspiration, not to show off anything, beacause I honestly suck at painting nails and I'm 19 years old... Pretty sad but that's the truth, and it's also a shame for someone who has as many nail varnishes as I do xD.

Okey the first one is the candy corn

1) Nail varnishes, that I was using

2) SH Base coat
1) One coat of yellow nail varnish

2) Second coat of yellow nail varnish

3) Two coats of orange nail varnish

4) Two coats of white nail varnish

5) Sally Hansen top coat

Next one are these stripes and the scary face, which I can't called any other way xdd

1) Nail varnishes, that I was using

2) SH base coat
3) One coat of black nail varnish

4) White stripes, which I draw with a toothpick

5) Two big dots and nose

6) The smile

7) SH Top coat

For the next one I've got the spooky eyeballs, which is probably my fav out of this five.

1) Nail varnishes, that I was using

2) SH base coat
3) One coat of black nail varnish

4) White eyeballs with black pupils on the eyeballs in different places


6) SH top coat

And last but not least, I've found sth more wearable for you, on a everyday bases I think

1.  Nail varnishes, that I was using

2) SH base
3) Browny nude nail varnish

4) Pastely orange endings of the nails (two coats)

5) Black stitches done also with toothpick

6) SH top coat

Okey, so that's all that I have for you today. They I very quick and easy to do in my opinion, and as u can see you don't have to be a painter or an artist to create this, it may not be perfect but you made it yourself, you enjoyed it, you kinda like it, so where's the problem. I hope you'll like this note, if you did please let me know in the comments, and I will try to do some simitar ones maybe on christmas or for a spring time. Of course, don't forget to rate this note, you will find these 4 little boxes underneath this blog post. If you will try to recreate this, please send me a pic on my twitter, instagram, snapchat or e-mail, I will really want to admire your work of arts. Aaaaaand I think that's it. We will see next Monday, or really really early Tuesday :P (don't blame me I'm coming back from my uni really late :<).

Lots of love xoxo

 I got one more thing to you, I recently counted all of my ideas for a blog post for this blog and if I'm correct I have an idea for every week until the July or even August of 2016! wow, that's impresive xd. And I was thinking, maybe I should post sth twice a week instead of once? Tell me what you think in the comments, I would really like to know your opinion. LOOOOOOOVE U <3 Bye xx


  1. Paznokcie cudowne ! <3
    Że ja nie wiedziałam, że masz do tego taki talent!!
    Muszę to kiedyś wykorzystać :3 Hue Hue :D
    Bodajże trójeczka :D Ten niby duszek z uśmieszkiem jest cudowny! :D I ostatni :P
    Tak przynajmniej ja uważam :D
    Pozdrawiam <3

    1. Talent? Really? Gorzej pomalowanych paznokci to chyba w życiu nie miałam xd Ale dziękuję za komplement i cieszę się, że Ci się podoba :33
      Kocham i dziękuję za komentarz xoxo

  2. love your nails and i think you're really talented! haha i couldn't do my nails like that ;)
    and it's an amazing idea to post twice a week x
    can't wait for new notes, love you <3

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. Are you serious? xd I don't believe you really but thank you for the compliment anyways :> I think you should try this yourself because it isn't that hard xd I mean, if i could do it, you can too x

      You think that twice a week post is a good idea? Okey so I think I'm gonna finish this year with one post per week and then I will update twice a week, u think that will be okey?

      Thank you for your comment and I love you too :33