#07 Random October Favorites C:

          Hey guys, wazzap?! xd I hope you're all doing well. Tell me how is your school, because I am freaking crazy and even though I can't manage with my studies, I've singed up to English course twice a week, because I want to take a Cambridge FCE exam in either March or April, I can't remeber now. I will let you know how did it go if I would make it :P

          Okey, now let's move on my todays post which is my random October or rather current favorites, because I don't think I will do this "Favorites Saga" monthly, maybe once a few months, we'll see.

1) Drink: Pumpikn Spice Latte

Oh my gosh guys, I litteraly don't know how did I do it but it was my very first time this year when I've tried PSL from Starbucks and I just fell in love. It is sooooo yummy. It literally taste like autumn to me :D So, if you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it, cause it is delicious :)

2) Food/snack: White Caramel Chocolate by E.Wedel

Okey, so behind this hides a little story, you  probably already noticed that my nose and my skin under my eyes if full of really weird imprefections so I've decited to go to dermatologis who told me that I'm not allowed to drink cocoa any more or eat any other chocolate than white. I was devatated because I used to drink cocoa litteraly everyday and I also love love love eat chocolate, my fav is actually caramel one, daim, milk and white. And tbh this is new so I thought hmmm.. white? and caramel? in one?! are you kidding me?! i need to trie this! and my friend also recommend it to me the other day so I told my dad to buy me one and guess what happend? I fell in love again but this time not in PSL but in this amazing chocolate.

3) Book: "Be parisian wherever you are" ~ Berest AnneDiwan Audreyde Maigret CarolinaMas Sophie

Alright, so as I wrote in the TMI Tag, last book, that I read was "Be parisien wherever you are", this book is great, more like a "grily-girly" book, about fashion, behaviour, makeup, relationships of the typical parisian women.
 I recently really enjoy reading such books. So if you like something not that difficult, super quick, not too long but allowing to learn something and see what it's like to be parisien (and maybe find out if you weren't one unconsciously) you should check this out, I recommend it :>

4) Song:

Okie dokie I list you here some of my favies for this month, they are A-MA- ZING, and most of them scream "autumn" to me, I hope that you'll like them too as much as I do.

Tinie Tmpah ft Labrinth - It's OK,
Bethany Mota ft Mike Tompkins - Need you right now,
Ed Sheeran - Firefly, Homeless,
Classified - 3 foot tall,
Troye Sivan - Touch,
Justin Bieber - I've been looking for you,
Curly Heads - Recolice,
The Script - Paint the Town Green

5) Person:

Patrycja - okey she is a person that I acctualy know, I sit next to her on most of my lectures. We have been going to the same high school, but we didn't actually talk to each other that often and we did't really know each other but as I started to know her I found out that she is so weird - in a good way, soo chatty she literally cannot stop talking,so positive and funny person that I don't believe that we haven't been talking nearly ever in high school xdd

Eva - Okey, so this gurl here, I found recently on youtube. She is really pretty and funny, she lives in the USA and does similar videos to Meredith, Bethany and so on. I love her, her videos are very good and funny and she also has an amazing music taste, you can check out her spotify playlist in her links below her videos, in a description box. Her name on youtube is "mylifeaseva" go and check her out :)

6) App: we <3 it

Umm.. My name is Claudia and I have a problem, I'm addicted to we heart it xdd haha but seriously, every time I want to go to sleep I check out this app so some of the pictures quotes and gif are really really good and what's more important inspirational, every day when I look through those pictures I find something to write about on blog or some connected to it but not really, sth that gives me ideas, and I love it about this app. So if you haven't heard about it yet go and give it a go, I'm sure you're gonna find sth intersting for you.

7) Movie:

"The Propsal" (2009) with Sandra Bulock and Ryan Reynolds

"Peter Pan" (2003) with Jeremy Sumpter, Jason Isaacs and Rachel Hurd-Wood

"Yves Saint Laurent" (2014) with Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne and Charlotte Le Bon

And the last two turn out to be the two of my all time favorites movies, they were sooo good, I love them so much, I need to watch them again :D

8) Tv show: "Sherlock"

I've decided to start watching Sherlock, because I loved the movie version with Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.
And it is great, I haven't watched all seasons though, cause I didn't have enough time but I certainly will, because I love the show and Benedict Cumberbatch :>

9) Emoji:

10) iPhone Game: Frozen Free Fall

Alrighty so, if you loved Frozen and if you loved the game called "candy Crush" you will surly love this little one here also, it is super cool, you have the map and the levels goes as the characters in the movie, little olaf is in the bottom right corner, you have different missions and it is very addictive :) So beware because it will cosume a lot of your time, but it's worth it, I promise :D

Lots of love xoxo

Okey, so that's all for today, I hope you guys liked it, finally i wrote a post on Moday, you don't even know how proud I am now of myself :D And how tired I am at the moment :PP Don't forget to comment underneath this post and rate this post also, the little boxes will be under the post also. Thanks for reading, love you guys and we'll see each other next Monday.
Btw, are you as hyped as me for the halloween? Are you going to collect sweets? What are you dressing up as? Have you already craved your pumpkin? If you did make sure to send me some pictures cuz I'd loved to see them (you can check my snapchat, instagram, mail and twitter in my "contact page")


  1. amazing post as always <3 and you inspired me to try all this new things ;) and i can't wait to hear what you think about Andrew Scott when you finish "Sherlock" ;D
    looking forward for a new note ;)

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. Awww thank you very very very much sweet heart :* I'm glad that I inspired you, check out this frozen game, it's great :>> we'll talk on tt soon so I'm gonna tell you what i'm thinkig about your Andrew, don't worry xx

      Love you lots :333

  2. Notka jak zwykle prze cudowna! <3
    Widzę, że miałaś ciekawe seanse na tą kochaną porę roku :3
    No i gra bardzo ciekawa! :D Nawet nie wiedziałam, że takowa istnieje XD
    Już ją pobieram :D
    Też kocham We<3It ! :D
    Pozdrawiam i Życzę Zdrówka na te jesienne zimowe nocki <3

    1. Omg, dziękuję :* A żebyś wiedziała, że ciekawe :> Najlepszy był Piotruś Pan <3

      Dziekuje za komentarz kochana i ciesze się, że notka Ci się spodobała :) Muszę dodać jeszcze 2 zdjątka, więc nie jest tak fajnie jakbym chciała ale no.. postaram się kolejne robić lepiej.

      Kocham xx