#09 My Everyday Makeup

          Hi, hi, hi, hi, HIIIIII guys. I'm back, I wasn't here for about a week now. Whoa, what a hella long time. I missed you, you know? :* This time a post will be on time, cause I have a few days free from uni :D. And you know what the sad thing about this is? The fact, that I haven't done anything productive really. I just get sick all of the sudden and read some fanfictions.
         I know what you think, but yes, I'm 19 years old and I still read fanfictions xD Don't judge me okey?! I love it, every time I do it I start acting like a little weirdo, cause I really empathise with it, I comment it out loud and I laugh out loud too xd
         I was reading one some day at 4 a.m. and I started to laugh so hard and loud, that I woke up all my family :P Just normal me xD.

Okey, but let's move on from me to the point of this post, which is my everyday makeup routine, that I wear on a daily basis :)

Sorry for the quality and lightning guys

The products I used:

* Concelear - Collection Lasting Perfection #Fair

* Eyebrow shadow - MAC #Chorcoal brown

* Brow Gel - MAC brow set

* Powder - Essence All About Matte!

* Bronzer for contouring - The Body Shop Honey Bronzer #01 Light Matte

* Bronzer for brozing up my face - Rimmel Match Perfection #001 Light

* Highlighter - TheBalm Mary-Lou Minizer

* Blusher - W7 Candy Floss

* Eye Primer - Soap and Glory It's About Prime

* Eye shadow - Clinique like milk Duo - baige-y shade as a base and brown shade as a crease shadow

* Mascara -Maxfactor False Lash Effect #Black

* Lip balm/Lip Stick - I forgot to put it into the photo, but I usually use my Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss or Rimmel London lipstick in #19

My face is actually contoured but you can't see it on this photo 

And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. I don't know about you but I'm always curious about some people everyday makeup and which products they use. So, you can write me in the comment, what do you guys usually wear for everyday makeup.

Lots of love xoxo

As always don't forget to leave a comment and rate this little post. I also notice that my posts are super duper long, what do you think? I should start make them shorter? Which one would you prefer to read? And for the last thing I found sth like Spotify banner for blogs and I'm thinking about it. I don't know the details yet, but they said me in the commercial, that you could listed to different music that I'd choose for ya in every post. What do you think? I should try this out? I'm waiting for your opinions x See you next Monday xx


  1. Perfect note just as always, bae. Unfortuntely I can't really write much about my makeup tutorial, because i don't even have one haha. I have some favorite products, but I do not do my makeup everyday, because i just don't have enough time in the morning and i also think it's not good for our skin to wear so much makeup daily. But about the changes on your blog, I don't really think that your notes are too long! For me they could be longer haha And I also think that this "spotify banner" think is a good idea ;) So I'm waiting impatiently for a new note, sunshine <3
    Love youuuuu

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. So, in that case you can tell me your fav products on twitter or sth. I know it isn't that healthy, and you shouldn't starting wearing makeup cause you're too young for this in my opinion xd I started when I was 17, slaysicaly when I started watching youtubers :D
      So, as you can is "the spotify banner" i already up :) Now you can listen to my music too.

      I'm glad you like this post and thank you very much for commenting bae :*

      Love you lots xo

  2. Notka cudowna jak zwykle :D
    Makijaż i kosmetyki również świetne ^ ^
    Ahhh świat make up to coś co Klaudia kocha najbardziej XD
    Wydaje mi się, że notki są odpowiedniej wielkości ^ ^ Zwłaszcza widać po nich, że Ci bardzo na nich zależy ^ ^ Starasz się robić wszystko dokładnie i nie chcesz niczego przegapić :3 Muzyczka? :D Może być bardzo ciekawie ^ ^ Umili czytanie i oglądanie cudnych obrazeczków !
    Pozdrawiam i całuje <3

    1. Haha, jak Ty mnie znasz :D. Dokładnie tak, make up to moja miłość <3
      Dziękuje, że tak sądzisz (tj. o długości postów) ale chyba i tak będę to odrobineczkę skracać xD Zawsze na angielskim mam problem w zamknięciu się w określonej ilości słów, bo zawsze pisze tak mega mega dużo :P
      Muzyczka już jest <3 jestem super dumna, że udało mi się ją tu zamontować samej :> Mam nadzieję, że moja muzyczka Ci się spodoba.

      Cieszę się bardzo, że post Ci się podobał, dziękuję bardzo za komentarz

      Kocham <3