#11 My booties for winter | Fashion

          Hello everyone. How are you today? You know what? I had already written a post but I think I'm gonna change it, actually.
           If you can't stop watching youtubers just like me you probablly know, that Zoe had made a boo hoo haul video. I fell in love with a few of her choices from there, especially with shoes. Because I couldn't find that particular ones on their website I decided to find a dupe for them. Well, maybe not excatly a dupe, cause dupe supposed to be cheeper and I think that I actually paid more. But anyways, I love these shoes so much, that I decided to show off here a little bit with them. I hope you don't mind but I really, really love them.

I personally think that they are "on" this autumn and winter, everyone has sth like this, they are absolutely stunning. They are black, so you can pair them with pretty much everything and the only downside is the price. They costed me like 95 £ (which is about 156 $)so kinda on a pricy side, as you can tel,l but I think they were worth it, cause they are my must-have for this autumnal-y/winter-y time and I will wear them litteraly everyday.

Lots of love xoxo

Well, then there it is next note. I hope you liked it. It was quite random and spontanious but I like it.
If you liked it let me know in the comment section and don't forget to rate this post by clicking on those little boxes underneath that post. I can tell you already that the next post will be on Teausday and it will be quite random too but the post after the Tueasday one will be a wintery theamed. I am super excited about it. It has to be perfect. I hope you're gonna love it as much as I do already. So now, question for today : what is your clothing winter must - have? That's all for today. We'll see next Tueasday with a next post. Take care sweeties. Kisses xx


  1. Witaj! :D
    Notka jak zwykle cudowna ! :D
    Buciki tak samo :) Lubie czarne buty ^ ^ Takie uniwersalne pasujące do wszystkiego :3
    Szałowe :P Jeszcze ich u Cb nie widziałam ^ ^ Dziwne ! :D
    Oczywiście czekam do kolejnego poniedziałku! :D
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do sb <3

  2. beautiful! i fell in love with this shoes really!
    can't wait for more spontanious notes, but I'm so excited for tgus winterly theamed one!
    and also.. your playlist on spotify is my life! thank you ha! x
    love youu

    ~ your biggest fan