#12 Small Change - My New Haircut :)

         Hi everybody :) How are you today? How was your last week? I hope it was good :) Btw I don't know 'bout you but it's 2nd of December and I just started to watch Christmas movies and listening to Christmas songs :) I just cannot wait. And actually, It just started snowing here, where I live and that makes me even more excited *_*But! Back to the topic of this post.
         I was at the hairdresser's and such a shock I'VE MY HAIR CUT. I actaully have 20 cm less hair then I had before! :oo For some of you my hair lenght wouldn't be regard as a short hair, but for me it's short, believe me. I had my hair cut once in my life, like really drastically cut, the endings don't count xd. So I had my hair cut when I was 8 yo and since then (and friendly reminer I'm 19 now xd) I have alwasy had long hair like "more then to the half of my back"- long hair.
          I wanted to cut my hair form the moment when I saw Emma Watson on the cover of Elle. I just instantly fell in love. Btw I think that I just get bored of them, I need a change after 11 years, I think xd. I personally really like them, I just need to adjust to it, I think xd  I hope all the best xd

I took this pic form Google

And now, thats me :)

That's the actual length

So that's all for today, sorry for the photos, I know they aren't the best but it's just not a good day for my face and I really wanted to do this post on time :) Let me know in the comments what do you think about my new haircut :> Does it suit me in your opinion? I'd love to know your opinions x

Lots of love xoxo

As always don't forget to rate this post and share the link among your friends :) I wouldn't be offended if some more people would come here and read it and tell me what they think about it, you know? The next thing I'd like to tell you is that the next post will be on next friday instead of Monday cause it's gonna be a movie review and the premiere is on Friday so it isn't up to me really xd I hope you're gonna like it, I'm already excited :> Take care sweeties xx


  1. Obcięłaś włoskyy O.o Ślicznieee <3 :3

  2. Ślicznie Ci w tych włosach <3
    Nawet lepiej chyba niż w poprzednich <3
    Ahhh przeżywałam również Twoje szczęście tym, że Twoja fryzjerka wróciła do pracy :d
    Jaram się tym tak samo jak Ty.
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko <3

  3. I literally adore your new haircut! You look amazing and I think it was a really good change! Perfect note as always and I can't wait to read more!
    And I just wanted to apologize that I am always late to comment your notes but I am trying, reallyyy. Love you sunshine xx

    ~ your biggest fan