#14 Get Ready With Me: Christmas Dinner

          Hello everybody. First of all, I want to apologize, to you guys for writing these blog posts so unregurally. I mean, you don’t even know how much I would like to do it regurally but it is just imposibble right now. Last week was soo long and I was and still am so tired, I haven’t slept almost at all, and I also have a huge amount of tests to take at my uni and it is really exhausting, cause I can’t even find a while for learning, not even speaking of free time. But the good news are that I will have a Christmas break from Saturday <3 and I will rest and learn properly and most of all there is going to be a blogmas for about 8 days every day and of course a regular notes too. I’m so pumped about this, omg I can’t even. *bcdishihiudhiuhiuw* <- me fangirling
          Okay, so for today’s note I have another Get Ready With Me but this time not only my makeup look but also my outfit, hairstyle and my nails. I don’t know if you guys enjoy these kind of posts, cause you don’t say anything specific in your comments but if you don’t I promise, there will be only one more GRWM this year, and that’s gonna be New Year’s Eve Party Look :> But if you, on the other hand enjoy mine Get Ready With Me, stay tuned, cause it will be here probably at the end of month. But now let’s jump it to the topic of this note, shall we?

Make up:

slightly different lightning and hair style, and I look like crap but who cares xd

*NIVEA moisturizer

*Clinique CC cream *mixed with some moisturizer, cause this shade is actually too dark for me*

*Collection 2000 concelear #01 Fair

*Essence All about matt!

*MAC #Charcoalbrown for my brows

*MAC #Woodwincked eyeshadow

*MAC #Vanilla Pigment (inner corners of my eyes)

*L’oreal Perfect Slim Eyeliner #Intenseblack

*Guerlain Mascara

*Bourjois chocolate bronzer

*TheBalm Mary Lou Minizer Highlighter (for my cheekbones, underneath my brow bow and on my cupidbow)

*Sleek #RoseGold Blusher

*Maybelline Dr Rescue #CoralCrave lipbalm

*NYX lip liner #HotRed

*MAC Lipstick #RubyWoo

Hair style:

As far as my hair are consider I decied to just curl it with my curler and make a little french braid in the front, using my fringe.

yup I am 19 yo and I still suck at painting my own nails ;xx that's sad xd

I just went for a base coat, Red Sparkly Nail Varnish from OPI in #Danke-Shiny Red (I believe it was limited edition, sorry ;x) and a Top Coat from Sally Hansen


my legs probably look really fat and bandy but they aren't like that in the real life, this photo is just bad you know...

For my outfit I choose a high waisted black pants with gold zippers on the sides and just a simple and basic white shirt/ or that black and goldy sweater.

Okay so that is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed it and that I inspired you in some way. I’m not going to wish you marry christmas yet, cause that what blogmas are here for :> Let me know, if you already know how are you going to look like for a Christmas Dinner and what do you think about my idea.

Lots of love xoxo


Of course don’t forget to rate this note, leave a comment cause I love reading them and tell your mother, sister and best friend to check out this blog :D Omg, I am so pathetic at self promoting xD I should hire Tyler Oakley to do that for me, he's a master at this xD Okay, but you know what I meant right? I hope you did. See you on… OMG wait.. it is tomorrow, it’s because of this note. I supposed to be up on Monday and not today, I sorry once again :c So in that case, see you tomorrow with my first blogmas post. I love you all sooooooo much <333


  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz! :D
    Kocham ten Twój sweterek, jest po prostu boski :3
    Makijaż też cudny ^ ^ i te czerwone usteczka :D
    Pozdrawiam ciepło! :D

  2. literally adoring your lips and this amazing outfit! you looked stunning! nothing more to say ;D give me more notes like this, you beautiful human being! love you endlessly x.