#15 6 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Winterlicious Tag | Blogmas

          Hiiii guys! Guess who's excited?! *me aka waving and jumping for your attention* yup, you've got it, it's me :>> Okay, so now it's official. The first ever Claudia's Blogmas has just started! Omg, I can't even contain myself right now.
         So, form my first blogmas note I have for you another tag, which has been taken from youtube, again. Uhhh I hope you don't mind really, because I really like youtube's tags and I love doing them right in here :> Well, this tag I saw Estee form Essiebutton and Beth from MacBarbie07 doing on youtube and I took questions from those videos and wrote down some answears for ya'll. I hope you'll enjoy it :D


1) Favorite winter nail varnish?

Hmmm.. It'd be probably the one that I used recently in my GRWM post, red, kinda metallic one, it is so Christmasy that I don't wear it for the rest of the year to be honest xD

2) Favorite winter lip product?

Okay, so this is easy one, and this one has aslo be included in my GRWM post and it is a MAC #RubyWoo, this colour is so beautiful, it is retro matt consistensy what makes it really really har to apply and it really dries your lips but I love the colour and the effect it gives. It is stunning lip stick <3

3) Most worn winter clothing piece?

Probably that would be my beanies, especially the  "Bad Hair Day" one. I love it for that more chilly days, and also when my hair don't look that good tbh.

4) Most worn winter accessory?

Hmmm... accessory? Tbh I'm not really "an accessory fan" I mean I prefer spend my money on cosmetics and the only accessory I own were gifts tbh. I like to borow some stuffs from my mum because she has loads of these, but I don't have one that I would stick to for a season, really.

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?

Okay, so if you saw my "Collective Haul" then you probably already know that I have bought my very first yankee candles and I'm loving them both <3

6) Favorite winter beverage?

For my winter beverage I think I would choose Gingerbread latte form Starbucks. I actually prefered it to Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate which was shocking, but it jst happened xD GBL is sooo yummy, if you haven't tried it already I highly recommend this! Go get some while it is still in christmas menu in Starbucks! ;)

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?

As far as my all time fav christmas movie is consider, I think I would go for either Grinch (the one with Jim Carrey) or Home Alone. I don't know how does it look like in your country but here in Poland there is sth like unwritten tradition to watch Home Alone on either 24th, 25th or 26th of December and almost every family watches it. They complain, like all Polish people do about the fact that it is on every year and they sick of it already but everyone anyways watches it. That's just a fact and kind of tradition, I guess.

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?

Omg, this is a tough one, cause I litteraly love every single Christmas song. But for my all time fav I think I would go for Do they know it's Christmas by Band Aid (btw I recommend listening to this song by Band Aid 30 which was recored this year and if you as huge youtube addict as me you would enjoy seeing Alfie, Zoe and Joe aka pointlessBlog, Zoella and ThatcherJoe singing some chours and on the selfie at the and of the video) and I also really, really love Baby it's cold outside( I actaully prefer cover by Glee then the original version) and Mery Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens :)

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?

For Christmas, but also for the rest of the year I love some dried fruit, I love dried apples, apricot, plums and raisins the most, and I actually don't like craberries. Neither dry or a normal fresh one, yeah I know... probably weird but I just don't like it at all ;x

10) What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?

This year I actaully got inpired by Eva aka Mylifeaseva on youtube and I am loving my photo frame with a quote from Frozen " Some people are worth melting for" at the moment.

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?

I... I actually don't really know. I thought, I would go to my parents and tell them what I want but I think I just gonna let them suprise me. Tbh, I personally hate suprises but I think I'm gonna give their imagination a go this time :P

12) What are your plans for the Holidays this year?

For next year? Wow, I haven't been thinking about it that much yet, but one this is certain that there will be a Blogmas 2.0 for sure... ummm and that's all I know for now. Maybe I'll go to the mountains with my friends, we'll see. I will think about it but not now... maybe in summer xD

Okay, so that was my Blogmas day 1, I hope you liked this tag, and I also would like you to anwsear these question or at least 4 of them, if you don't have that much time or anything.
That's all for today and I will see you tomorrow with another christmas related post, probably sth DIY, I'm tring to be more crafty you know. But tbh, it will be just atempt because you haven't probably ever seen worse person when it come to do some things connected with art. I'm such a crap at it. You can probably tell it by seeing how badly my nails are painted every time xD Alrightie, I love you all, take care and slay you tomorrow xx

Lots of love xoxo

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  1. Notka cudowna jak zawsze! :D
    Pytania również ciekawe. :)
    Mam nadzieje, że rodzice kupią Ci coś bardzo pozytywnie zaskakującego! :D
    Ja również mam dla Cb prezent ^ ^
    Mam nadzieje, że dostaniesz wszystko co sobie wymarzyłaś :D
    Love U. <3

    1. Miałaś odpowiedzieć w komentarzu na 4 pytania sama :<< Ale i tak dziekuje za komentarz kochana :*

  2. amazing! your notes are getting more interesting one by one haha so i need to answer some questions? hmm let's see...
    1) What is your favorite Christmas decoration this year?
    I just bought (i don't even know how to describe it) something like little pillows, one for me and one for my bestie and they are so christmasy and they have something inside so they smell like cinnamon&lemon! adore them.
    2) Favorite Christmas song?
    I literally love all christmas song! the all time favorites like all i want for christmas is you & snow is falling and the new ones, for example ariana grande - santa tell me. and i recommend bethany mota's playlist on spotify "happy ho ho ho", it's amazing! and this song by band aid 30 is my addiction! one direction and ed sheeran and zoe and joe and alfie! it's just to much for me! haha
    and you need to listen to that's christmas to me by pentatonix if you haven't yet.
    3) Favorite winter beverage?
    I can't remember now how is it called but my good friend bought me for christmas the best hot chocolate (with a cute mug) I've ever drunk! And I'm just sitting for two days now and drinking it. It literally tastes like Christmas;)
    4) What's on the top of your Christmas list?
    I didn't wrote a letter to Santa or something and everything I wanted I just bought by myself. I couldn't even ask for anything because we spent so much money at my m&g tickets for ariana grande. So I do not have anything on the top of my Christmas list, I bought some books, two seasons of my little pony haha and a few more things. But the best gift I'm getting for Christmas is an unicorn onesie from my best friend, I can't wait to wear it till the death!

    So I think it's all. I love Christmas and I could answer all this questions but it's something like 2am now and i need to get up in 4 hours;( love youuu x.

    1. Omg, I didn't even know that Beth have made a Christmas Playlist, thanks for recomendation btw ;) and yes I know that song by Penthatonix, and their song "Mary did you know" is also amazing. Btw if you didn't know Tyler Oakley also has a Christmas Playlist so if you'd like to you should check this out too x
      Thank you for you increadibly long and cute comment x I love you sooo much x