#17 4 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Christmasy nail art | Blogmas

Hi everyone! How you've all been today? I hope you had a nice day :) So, here I am with another blogmas post for you.  Today I've got some nail art again, cause you've seemed to relly like it last time (for Halloween). So, I'm gonna try my best and attempt to recreate some of which I found somewhere on tumblr or we<3it.

Okay, I supposed to do 4 but I couldn't do the last one as nice as I'd like to so I'm gonna show you just 3 :> And 2 of them are really similar tbh. But I hope you don't mind and youl'll like it at least a little bit.

Nail varinshes that you'll need:

1) Santa Hats

2) Little Santa

3) Cady Cane

Okay, so that is it for today, tell me in the comments what do you think of those three. That was my blogmas day number 3. Tomorrow some baking is coming <3 I hope you liked this post and that you're gonna like tomorrow's too. If you try to recreate these nail art make sure to send me some pictures on twitter. I love you all.

Lots of love xoxo 


Okay this is really "not like me" but I think today won't be any thing in P.S. section. Just don't forget to subscribe, remeber that you can ask me questions and I'll anwsear them all and don't forget to rate this post by clicking one of those little boxes underneath. Love you soooo much. I'll "see" you tomorrow :333


  1. amazing note as all of them! i adore your nails and I admire you because it seems to be a hard work to do it... idk. but i know that you need to do my nails when we finally meet! hahah i love all your christmas notes and i can't wait to see tomorrow's one. love youu and keep doing what you're doing girl! xx.

  2. Pazurki przepiękne ! :D
    I kolory również boskie :D
    Ja nie mam wgl cierpliwości do malowania pazurków.
    Podziwiam Cię! :D
    I pozdrawiam ! :D