#18 3 DAYS 'TIL X-MAS - Christmasy Cookies | Blogmas

          What's up guys? How are you today? What have you been doing? I had quite a nice day :> I went to the cinema with my mum and bought some things in Zara and then I was at my friend's house and we've been making and decorating christmas cookies. And when I came back, I watched The Fault in Our Stars on dvd, the second time with my parents and sister. Quite prodactive day, as far as I am concerned xD.
          Okay, I'm rambling again, sorry let's just do what have to be done. A quick and easy recepie for delicious christmas cookies. Here we go:


* 30 dag of flour

* 15 dag of butter

* 10 dag of icing sugar

* 1 egg yolk

* 1-2 tables spoons of cream

* vanilla

* pinch of salt

* icing sugar for a topping


1. Stiff the four on a pastry board, add butter (cut into cubes).

2. Next add sugar and mix it with flour and butter. Make a hole in the middle of your dough and add your yolk, grated vanilla, cream, add salt and mix the dough with you hand to bind all the ingredients nicely.

3. Form a "ball" and move it to a colder place in order to rise

4. Then take a dough and roll it out on a pastry board (pastry board should have some flour on, if you don't want your dough to stick to it), it should be 1 cm thick (I hope you know what I mean)

5. Then cut out your cookies with forms or just a small thin glass.

6. Put your cutted dough on a baking tray and put into preheated oven.

7. When it gets cold sniff some icing sugar on it and enojy.

Omg it was my very first self made recepie I hope you understood it some how and that I hope you're gonna like it as much as I do. So that is all for tomorrow let me know if you're gonna try to do them and if they were tasty. See you tomorrow with another blogmas post. Love you all sooo much

Lots of love xoxo


  1. Domyślam się, że ciasteczka smakują bosko! :D
    Aktualnie jestem tak przejedzona słodkim, że nawet nie mam siły się ruszyć do kuchni, żeby takie cudeńka upiec.
    Ale zapamiętam przepis na przyszłość!:D

  2. amazing note bae;) maybe i'm gonna make those cookies some day, but now i'm just so full of all kinds of sweats ahhh
    i love your blogmas notes and can't wait for a new one! love youu x.