#27 The Reading Challenge

          Hello everyone, first of all I feel as those blogposts kind of remind youtube videos... I don't know is it just me? Or do you also have that feeling? If you do please let me know in the comments what should I change, because... idk. I will try to make it more bloggy that youtuby really okay? I want to make more DIY but beauty related things, just random notes and also some reviews on make up products. I hope you're gonna like it.

           The second thing is that I don't know if there would be a new note next week, cause I have 2 really big and important exams next week. Please wish me luck, cause I can't even tell you how stressed I am righ now.

            Also I started to watch 2 new people on youtube, and I'm so happy, cause they are so adorable and cute that I can't even, they are obsessed with Sherlock, one of them sings really, really good they are british 18 and 19 years old and they ship Troyler :D Can they be more perfect? I think it's impossible. Their's channels are called " TheRealAlexBertie" and "Jake Edwards". Check them out and go give them some love cause they are not as big on youtube as they should be, in my opinion.

          Okay, so the last thing about "my life-ish" kind of style is the fact that my lessons at uni inspired me and I'm working on sth really, really cool. I will tell you, when that what's in my head will start to change into a really thing okay? If you're interested stay tuned (<--- in that kind of moments I feel like it's more youtuby then bloggy).

          But coming back to the point of this post. I found that picture/post/challenge on pinterest I believe, the other day and I love it. It will help me to read more, cause I've rather lazy last year and read like 5/6 books through out the whole 2014! How is it possible? I feel so pathetic because of that. And I also thought that you may like it, you know add a little bit of diversity to your normal comfort zone, when it comes to reading. I challenge you, okay? At least try to accomplish this Reading Challenge.

So yeah, that is all for today, I hope to write sth next monday but if I wouldn't then I will write in two weeks. I hope you'll understand and don't mind that much.

Lots of love xoxo


#26 My 10 Tips How to Stay Focused While You Study

          Hi! What's up? Are you doing well? I hope so x Okay, so my mid term exams are aproaching really, really fast so I thought I would make a note how to stay focused on learning when you really have to. Because for example I get distracted so easily that is insane. I'm telling my self: "Okay I will watch only 1 video on youtube" and then I end up watching about 30, cause it's so addicting. And those exams right now are so important that I thought it will help me and you as well :>

1. Turn off your computer/laptop and you wi-fi on you phone

This is the most important hardest I think, for me at least. It is important, cause if you turn off your electronic none notifications or anything will distract you, you will need to just sit down and read your notes.

2. Highlight everything 

 I mean it is good for me, cause I am visualiser and the more colours the better, it really helps me remember things but f. eg. if you are audile you can record yourself reading the notes and then play it on repeat in your headphones, I heard from some people that it works as well.

3. Sleep well 

I will not take your materials in well if you would be sleep deprived.

4. Have a snack by yourside

nuts are really good for your brain and it will also prevent you from making unnecessary break just for grabing sth to eat

5. Find a quiet place at your home

This is the key, I think. You can try different places and if you finally find make sure to nobody interupt you.

6. Plan the things realistically

You will not learn or revise whole year or term in one day, you need to separate material in to sections and set your realistic goals.

7. Stay hydrated

This is good for your whole body and brain as well, you can't be dehydrated because you are learning too long.

8. Make yourself a little quizes

This way you can maybe predict the question on the actual test and also revise what you've already learnt.

9. Make breaks

I mean they shouldn't be too often but after every hour or 2 hours or just after one unit that you need to learn, it will be better for you cause you won't feel so tired after all.

10. Reward youself

Everyone loves gifts so this is going to be nice for you and keep you motivated. For example, you can tell yourself that if you pass that test well you can go to the party, to the cinema, you may... I don't know... eat 2 pieces of cake if you feel like it would be good reward for yourself. Whatever you like.

P.S extra tip = I heard that if you chew gum while you're learning, then when you take the same taste/kind it will help you remember things on the actual test <- kind of superstition but I like believe in such things)

Okay, so that is it for today, let me know if you know any other tips that help you stay focus while you need to be studing and also if you use any of mine. I hope it will help you or inspire you to try any of them out and that it will help me as well. Wish me luck, I'm terrified by it if I have to be honest with you but if you interested, I will keep you up to date up to speed. "See" you next week

Lots of love xoxo

Disclaimer: If I made any biological faux pas then I'm sorry I'm not master at this. That is just the knowlage that I have and that works for me.


#25 My goals, What I'm looking forward to in 2015

          Hello everybody, I know I should write this post yesterday and I'm really sorry that I haven't done it but I was soooo exhausted you couldn't imagine, I just lied down and instantly fell asleep. This week and 2 weeks after this one will be so stresful, I won't probably have any of sleep and I will learn all the time cause my mid term exams are coming! I'm so scared, I'm afraid that I can't manage to learn everything, I think that I don't have enough time, like for me day should last 30 hours not 24 ;x
          Okay, but anyways I found somehow a little moment to write this note for you and for myself as well. This is going to be my list of goals/ things that I'm looking forward to/ things I should do more or things that I should do less in 2015. Okay so here we go!

1. Sleep more ( I have a lot of problems with sleeping, insomnia and all that kind of stuff)
2. Watch one french movie per week (my profesor actually demand this from us xd)
3. Drink more water
4. Buy atleast 10 disney films on DVD
5. Book another concert (probably for 2016)
6. Read more (I have a really nice "bookaholic challenge" if you'd like to I can make a post about this soon)
7. Pass all my exams on my university
8. Go on holidays to Frace (another demand from my professor)
9. Go for a few days to London on holidays
10. Visit Harry Potter studio in London with my friend
11. Go on Summer in the City or AmityFest during holidays
12. Be less lazy
13. Buy new signature perfumes cause I'm running out of my Marc Jacobs Daisy
14. Start a youtube channel (okay now it's official, I want to star my youtube channel somewhere in june or july I will keep you up into date for sure cause it's a big thing for me)
15. I look forward Zoe's second book
16. Tanya Burr's book
17. Fleur DeForce's Book
18. Alfie's second book
19. Translated Zoe's Online Girl into Polish (somewhere in January *________*)
20. go on Hobbit part 3 cause I didn't have time yet to do it
21. Ed Sheeran's Concert in Warsaw on 13th of February
22. Start learning Spanish
23. Birthday of Vay's and Joanne's birthday
24. I know that Into the woods has its premiere in the US on Christmas Eve but we will have it on Valentine's Day so I look forward to that
25. Pass my English FCE exam
26. Maybe sth else connected to France but I won't tell you cause it is not 100 percent sure
27. Decorete my dressing table and my room as cute as possible
28. If AmityFest or SitCity won't work out book a ticket for Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party or Minada Sings' Performance
29. Continue Blogging
30. Be as happy as posibble
31. Learn not to regert anything
32. Be breave enough to drive to the city on the peak time
33. Improve my cooking/ baking skills
34. Order TRXYE sweatshirt/ beanie or EP
35. Troye's new album is coming out this year!
36. Do 2nd blogmas cause you guys seemed really like this (and I liked it also)
37. Buy 12 nail polishes this year
38. Buy about 10 lip products
39. Buy some high end makeup product
40. Make my own vision board
41. Accomplish all or a major part of all the goals above.

          Okay so that is my list I probably forgot about sth but yeah, these are the most important, I know that some of them are really shallow but for me all of them are quite important. I'd love to know some of your goals for 2015 so you can write them down for me in the comments. 

          And also I don't think that I will manage to write 2 post per week cause my studies got really really busy all of the sudden and I don't think I will have enough time to write here twice a week and have a nice marks. So yeah, but maybe some time when I get more organized or just adjust to this pace at uni I will, we'll see. See you next week guys.

Lots of love xoxo


#24 The Best of the Best of 2014

Hiiiiiiii! What's up people? Today I thought I'll do a little list of my favourites things/videos/people of 2014 and I'm soooo freaking excited! Let's do this!

1. Cosmetic (makeup)

theBalm "Nude'tude" palette - actually my mum loves it and my sister does too. And this palette has so many beautliful shades, I love the names of them they are rellly pigmented and you can do any kind of make up you'd like a natural, for the date, for the night out (like clubbing or sth). I love it. A lot <3

2. Nail Varnish

I got 2 :) And these are Barry M Hi Shine - Blueberry and Sally Hansen Extreme Wear - 420 Pacific Blue. I know they are both blue, and actually I can tell you that I own like 7 blue nail varnishes xd that's kind of weird but these two are my favourite ones because of colour of course but I also like the fact that they don't chip so fast and you need like 2 coats max and you can see such a pretty coulor they are really shiny too, whch I like a lot

3. Youtuber (female)

Hmmmm... that's a tough one. Because as you probably can already tell I'm addicted to youtube. But I think I will tell you about my favourite discoveries of this year and not the ones that I watch like for 3 years now. So I loved Miranda Sings (I know, I should check her out ealrier... but hey! don't judge me xd), Gabby I think she's amazing, she so super funny and she uploads her viedos like 3 times a week which I love and she hit 500k not even in 2 years I think that's really impressive. Umm and I also really love Mylifeaseva and Superwoman ( um as far as Lily aka superwoman is concerned I think I watched some of her videos like years ago but I subscribed to her in 2014 and I love her so much she's just so lovely and funny and I just can't even xd)

4. Youtuber (male)

So... For male, I think that would defenitly be Connor Franta (okay, okay! guys I know, he's amazing and I don't relly know how haven't I been subscribe to him earlier) and the second one is danisnotonfire ( again, i know! he's amazing he looks really good and his videos with Tyler and Phil and Louise omg <3 I love him so much. Although, I wish he could upload more often, but I love him anyway)

5. Youtube viedo

I love Zoe's Makeup Collection, I literally was wating for this video since I've began to watch her! And I really like the concept of making each of her drawes seperately so she could focus on taking through everything really thoroughly <3 I love Ingird's 50 things I love about NYC (that is such a random video but I love it so much) and for the more inpriational, deep and really helping others ( and they help me presonally very much) there is Connor Franta with his Life doesn't wait an Troye Sivan - Becoming you and of course I loved the youtube boyband videos I love them so much <3

6. Youtube Collab

Tyler Oakley ft Marcus Butler - Impressions With Helium <3 (omg if you hadn't see this one you have to spot what you're doing right now and go and watch it! This is hilerious! I love it so much, I probably have seen this video like 50 times and I'm not even kidding xd).
 My second fav collab was Tyler Okaley and Miranda Sings - Whisper Challenge ( hahaha omg that one was sooo funny <3 I mean, every video with Miranda is super funny but I almost died watching this one)
And the last one was as you could assume from the beging Tyler Oakley ft Troye Sivan - Beer Pong and Messy Boys Try Pot ( Umm the Beer Pong one I had to watch like 5 time to like it but know I think it's so cute and funny <3 But I wish they would be, like more Troyler-y if you know what I mean, if you don't go check out The boyfriend tag with them <3 dhfkdhkfsjljf <- my feels right now, but yeah, I just them, I mean people and viedos xd)
hahahaha omg xd this just hit me like right now xd The Boyfriend tag and Face paintnig by Tyler and Troye was in 2014 on Valentine's day! OMG I'm so stupid so that it is a obvious thing that those 2 are my faves! I even watch the boyfriend tag so many times that I know it by heart by now xdd

7. Album

Hmmm I think I have a few I love Taylor Swift-1989 ( I think it's brilliant I litteraly love every song, I didn't like Taylor before but now I'm in love) then we've got, OneRepublic - Native (I might be wrog and this album could be from 2013 but I discover it this month sooo xd) LIGHT - Siberia (this album is from 2011, I believe but I just listed to it recently and I love it so much <3 I prefer this album to the one that she released in 2014 tbh x) and of course I almost forgot my queen Lea Michele, her album Louder is soooo good, I love every single one of her songs on it. Oh my God she's perfect! Okay it just hit me right now, how could I not mention about my God of music Ed Sheeran? The X (Multiply) Album is soo perfect! I love every single song <3 I mean how can you not love Ed Sheeran's songs? <3

8. Band

Curly Heads they are polish but they sing in English and I love their's songs so much they are really really good and if you didn't know already Dawid Podsialo who is the lead singer there won Polish X Factor 2 years ago so... Yeah he's definitely worth listening to x
I also really love Bastille, The Neighbourhood, The 1975 and The XX <3 they are the love of my life <3 I love their music so much <3

9. EP
Ummm you should probably already knew what I'm gonna write right here, Ummm TROYE SIVAN - TRXYE, omg... can we just... this is defenetely my favourite ep ever excisted! Ever! and it's not because I love Troye so much xd This is just a pure pefection in every inch or note xd I love it <3
I also really like the EP of Trevor Moran from o2l on youtube, it's a bit different as far as a gendre is concerned but I like it a lot :>

10. Musician

I loved Gwen Stefani, Hozier and Betty Who this year, OMG they all are just perfect, i can't even, thank god that we finished talking about music because I would wirte in each category how much I love everyone and how perfect they are xd

11. Movie

Obviously The Fault in Our Stars, I watched this film about 3 times and I cried so badly every time, this is so beautiful film <3 I love it so, so, so much <3 I also really loved Camp Takota ( with Grace Helbig aka my queen Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Sawyer Hartman it just a great comedy, i loved it and the last two are Peter Pan (non-animated version) and Yves Saint Laurent OMG, I'm soo going to buy them on dvd! I also really liked Step up 5 : All in! I thought that the music and choerogaphies were amazing but my favourite parts are still number 3 and 4 <3 OOO!  And the musical Sounds of Music was soooo good <3 I last about 3 hours but I love to death and Julie Andrews' s in it!

12. Book

That's tough, because to be honest I heven't read that much this year cause I have all of my final exams and I didn't want to distract my self but then I read like 3 books and I think that The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak was really really great and the christmasy one by John Green and two other authors was also really nice and it's called Let it snow :)

13. Place to eat at

Omg so nearby my dermatologist's clinic there is that pizzeria, but I espacially love their's salads they are such a good value for money and you always get so much of it that you aren't able to it the whole dish and it is soooooo yummy, omg, if any of you would ever be in Cracow I'm going to buy you some food there xd

14. Piece of clothing

It is surely my cardigan from Zara which I got for my Christmas, I, my God, I litteraly live in this thing it is soo warm, because it's knited and it's grey buttonless with two pockets and it is oh god so comfortable that I'm going to wear it almost everyday xd

15. Quote

I have one from one song but I can't remeber which one was it, one from Troye Sivan and also one from Lily aka Superwoman on Youtube.

1) Life isn't about finding youself it's about CREATING youself!
2) Push until you can't then demand more <3
3) Be the difference you want to see

I think they are great and super inspiring, I truly love them, they really helped me a lot throughout 2014 and I think they still will.

16. Cover

Okay so I though that I finished wiriting about music but I just remebered this category and just couldn't miss it. So I loved the most Shake it off by Tyler Ward and some others people and I also really loved Max Schneider ft Alyson Stoner - Maps, omg I don't even know how many times I listened to those two, just one word, AMAZING!

So I think that is it for today, tell me in the comments answer for numbers 3,4,5,6,9 and 15 and if you want to you can answer for all of the numbers from above. I will leave links for all of the things that I mentioned earlier a hope you liked it and I'll see you soon xx

Lots of love xoxo


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