#25 My goals, What I'm looking forward to in 2015

          Hello everybody, I know I should write this post yesterday and I'm really sorry that I haven't done it but I was soooo exhausted you couldn't imagine, I just lied down and instantly fell asleep. This week and 2 weeks after this one will be so stresful, I won't probably have any of sleep and I will learn all the time cause my mid term exams are coming! I'm so scared, I'm afraid that I can't manage to learn everything, I think that I don't have enough time, like for me day should last 30 hours not 24 ;x
          Okay, but anyways I found somehow a little moment to write this note for you and for myself as well. This is going to be my list of goals/ things that I'm looking forward to/ things I should do more or things that I should do less in 2015. Okay so here we go!

1. Sleep more ( I have a lot of problems with sleeping, insomnia and all that kind of stuff)
2. Watch one french movie per week (my profesor actually demand this from us xd)
3. Drink more water
4. Buy atleast 10 disney films on DVD
5. Book another concert (probably for 2016)
6. Read more (I have a really nice "bookaholic challenge" if you'd like to I can make a post about this soon)
7. Pass all my exams on my university
8. Go on holidays to Frace (another demand from my professor)
9. Go for a few days to London on holidays
10. Visit Harry Potter studio in London with my friend
11. Go on Summer in the City or AmityFest during holidays
12. Be less lazy
13. Buy new signature perfumes cause I'm running out of my Marc Jacobs Daisy
14. Start a youtube channel (okay now it's official, I want to star my youtube channel somewhere in june or july I will keep you up into date for sure cause it's a big thing for me)
15. I look forward Zoe's second book
16. Tanya Burr's book
17. Fleur DeForce's Book
18. Alfie's second book
19. Translated Zoe's Online Girl into Polish (somewhere in January *________*)
20. go on Hobbit part 3 cause I didn't have time yet to do it
21. Ed Sheeran's Concert in Warsaw on 13th of February
22. Start learning Spanish
23. Birthday of Vay's and Joanne's birthday
24. I know that Into the woods has its premiere in the US on Christmas Eve but we will have it on Valentine's Day so I look forward to that
25. Pass my English FCE exam
26. Maybe sth else connected to France but I won't tell you cause it is not 100 percent sure
27. Decorete my dressing table and my room as cute as possible
28. If AmityFest or SitCity won't work out book a ticket for Tyler Oakley's Slumber Party or Minada Sings' Performance
29. Continue Blogging
30. Be as happy as posibble
31. Learn not to regert anything
32. Be breave enough to drive to the city on the peak time
33. Improve my cooking/ baking skills
34. Order TRXYE sweatshirt/ beanie or EP
35. Troye's new album is coming out this year!
36. Do 2nd blogmas cause you guys seemed really like this (and I liked it also)
37. Buy 12 nail polishes this year
38. Buy about 10 lip products
39. Buy some high end makeup product
40. Make my own vision board
41. Accomplish all or a major part of all the goals above.

          Okay so that is my list I probably forgot about sth but yeah, these are the most important, I know that some of them are really shallow but for me all of them are quite important. I'd love to know some of your goals for 2015 so you can write them down for me in the comments. 

          And also I don't think that I will manage to write 2 post per week cause my studies got really really busy all of the sudden and I don't think I will have enough time to write here twice a week and have a nice marks. So yeah, but maybe some time when I get more organized or just adjust to this pace at uni I will, we'll see. See you next week guys.

Lots of love xoxo


  1. amazing note as always! and it's kinda scary how some of your goals are mine too haha. so i wish you all the best in this new year and see you at ed's concert, sunshine!
    love youuu x.

  2. hope you'll manage to do it. many of your goals are mine too so i'll be watchin your progress :) good luck!