#26 My 10 Tips How to Stay Focused While You Study

          Hi! What's up? Are you doing well? I hope so x Okay, so my mid term exams are aproaching really, really fast so I thought I would make a note how to stay focused on learning when you really have to. Because for example I get distracted so easily that is insane. I'm telling my self: "Okay I will watch only 1 video on youtube" and then I end up watching about 30, cause it's so addicting. And those exams right now are so important that I thought it will help me and you as well :>

1. Turn off your computer/laptop and you wi-fi on you phone

This is the most important hardest I think, for me at least. It is important, cause if you turn off your electronic none notifications or anything will distract you, you will need to just sit down and read your notes.

2. Highlight everything 

 I mean it is good for me, cause I am visualiser and the more colours the better, it really helps me remember things but f. eg. if you are audile you can record yourself reading the notes and then play it on repeat in your headphones, I heard from some people that it works as well.

3. Sleep well 

I will not take your materials in well if you would be sleep deprived.

4. Have a snack by yourside

nuts are really good for your brain and it will also prevent you from making unnecessary break just for grabing sth to eat

5. Find a quiet place at your home

This is the key, I think. You can try different places and if you finally find make sure to nobody interupt you.

6. Plan the things realistically

You will not learn or revise whole year or term in one day, you need to separate material in to sections and set your realistic goals.

7. Stay hydrated

This is good for your whole body and brain as well, you can't be dehydrated because you are learning too long.

8. Make yourself a little quizes

This way you can maybe predict the question on the actual test and also revise what you've already learnt.

9. Make breaks

I mean they shouldn't be too often but after every hour or 2 hours or just after one unit that you need to learn, it will be better for you cause you won't feel so tired after all.

10. Reward youself

Everyone loves gifts so this is going to be nice for you and keep you motivated. For example, you can tell yourself that if you pass that test well you can go to the party, to the cinema, you may... I don't know... eat 2 pieces of cake if you feel like it would be good reward for yourself. Whatever you like.

P.S extra tip = I heard that if you chew gum while you're learning, then when you take the same taste/kind it will help you remember things on the actual test <- kind of superstition but I like believe in such things)

Okay, so that is it for today, let me know if you know any other tips that help you stay focus while you need to be studing and also if you use any of mine. I hope it will help you or inspire you to try any of them out and that it will help me as well. Wish me luck, I'm terrified by it if I have to be honest with you but if you interested, I will keep you up to date up to speed. "See" you next week

Lots of love xoxo

Disclaimer: If I made any biological faux pas then I'm sorry I'm not master at this. That is just the knowlage that I have and that works for me.

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  1. this is perfect! i do not have many problems with studying but this note really could help. but one day i recorded my voice and i tried to study like this but it didn't help at all and i think i even failed that test haha but thank you for these advices and sorry for always being late with my comments.
    love youuuu xx.