#29 Ed Sheeran X Concert in Warsaw + some bits and pieces that I've bought

          Hi everyone, I'm back and I have some good news! I passed all of my exams, fortunately and I can finally relax (for 2 weeks but, always xd) In two weeks I'm having my FCE exam, I'm a little bit scared about the speaking but I hope it'll be all good.

          So, on Friday 13th of February Ed Sheeran had a very first concert ever in Poland and he even did 2 short interviews for polish TV (whaaaaaat?!). It was perfect <3 I think I'm gonna wirte how my day and that concert looked like and then I will add some photos, videos and pics of the things that I've bought.
          Basically I had to get to Warsaw, cause I live near Cracow, so I took Pendolino  (this is the kind of train) and the journey last 2,5 hours. It was really nice, I even got free water :D I met a really nice girl before I get into it. We talked for a bit and then she got into another train. Then I finally got to Warsaw. I sold one ticket for this concert cause my friend couldn't go with me, and then I went to KFC because I got hungry. When I finished eating I started looking for a bus stop, and this is one thing that I didn't like about this whole trip, only one person (and I literally asked about 20 people, how to get to that bus stop) and no one could help me! anyone! in the centre of Warsaw! but then I got to the hotel, which was really cool (one downside, the was no wi-fi) I started to change my clothes and do my make up.

I went to the Torwar where the concert was, I was waiting for 1,5 hour in the queue. I bought a T-shirt for Ed's merch which I really love by the way. at 19.30 support started. It was ryan keen I really did like it. He has amazing music, kind of similar the one that Ed's making. And then the concert started.

OMG! It was amazing.

 Here is the set list.
  1. (Stevie Wonder cover)
  2. Encore:
  3. Sing 

          Basically it was magical, the quality of the sound was really good. We bansed to the bloodstream, Ed sang "Nina", "Photogarph" and "Kiss Me" and that was the 3 song that I wasn't sure whether he's going to sing them or not. We gave him our special Grammy when he was singing "The A Team" we sand so so so amazing chours with him during "Give Me Love". He was smiling and just being happy the whole gig it was sooooo goood. We were so loud all the time, even when he was making a break for drinking water xD I phoned  two of my friend during "I'm a Mess" and "I see fire" ( which was soooooooooooo good) and he finished with "Sing", and we kept singing like 15 minutes after he went off the stage haha, until the security kicked us out xd.

          Ahhh that was such a great gig, literally the best I'm ever been at. I couldn't speak for 2 days after it but I felt sooo good. I wish it was longer though.

          Then I came back to the hotel, remove my make up linsted to some ed songs and fangirled on twitter with all of that people <3 This is my fav part after every concert.

          Then the next day I checked out from the hotel and went to the "Zlote Tarasy" <- shopping centre in Warsaw, I went to Starbucks, Sephora, TopShop, Empik, McDonalds, The Body Shop, Bath&Body Works and lots of other shops and I bought some cool things too. This is what I bought.

          Okay, so that was it for today, I will write sth probably on Monday, I hope you liked it, if you want to see more videos form this concert you can just type in " Ed Sheeran concert Warsaw" on Yotube and you can enojoy it all over again if you were there with me of just watch and enjoy it for the first time. I loved it very, very much. I highly hope he's gonna came back to us on his next tour. 

Lots of love xoxo


#28 How much is your face worth? | Tag n°4

          Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't post anything last week. I was really, really busy, I had so many exams recently, now I will have 2 re-takes but I hope these will go better. I need to pass them this time! I need to!

          Okay so I thought that I will make an extra midweek post a little bit of Valentine a little bit of baking, I hope it will turn out well. But today I thought I will do another tag, cause I wanted to do this for a while now and I don't have much time to spend on writing posts right now cause I need to get back and study a little bit more today.

          So today I'm doing " How much does your face costs tag" and to be honest I'm actaully a little bit scared xd But let's jump straight into it, shall we?

Basiaclly, I will type here everything that I put on my face except my moisturizer and how much it costs. So here we go.


*primer: Benefit Porefessional £24,50
*foundation : L'oreal True Match Foundation  £9,99
*concealer: Collection 2000 Concealer £4,19
*powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3,99
*bronzer: Sleek Contour Kit (just bronzer) £6,49
*blusher: Sleek Blusher #Rose Gold £4,49
*highlighter: theBalm Mary Lou Manizer £17,50


*primer Soap and Glory It's about prime eyeshadow primer  (I think this can be discontinued cause I can't find it on Boots website but it was about £8)
*eyshadows: theBalm Nude'titude palette £30,00
*eyebrow shadow: Mac Charcoal Brown £10,00
*eye brow gel: Mac Brow Set #Clear £13,50
*mascara: Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara £10,99
*eyeliner: L'oreal Perfect Slim Liqud Eyeliner #Intense black £6,99


*lip balm: Nivea lip butter #Caramel Cream £2,10
*lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick #Pleasure Me Red £6,99

Total: £159,72 !!!!

What?! Actualy what? Are you kidding me? I didn't even realise it until now. That is so much money :o But! as a justification I can tell you that most of these things I bought on sales, so they were like 50% off or 30% off. I didn't spend that much money, really. But yeah... that is impressive, I think. Let me know in the comments how much is your face worth and stay tuned for another midweek post. I hope I will write to y'all more in future.

Lots of love xoxo