#31 Girls Night Out - Make up | Faceoftheday

          This week I though, I will experimet a little bit with my make up and even though I haven't gone out, I think it might inspire you somehow. I was inspired by make up of Kaya Scodelario who played Effy in Skins UK. I love her make up and her character as well, very, very much so I though why shouldn't I give it a try. So here are my results.

I used:

Black liquid eye liner
Black matte eye shadow
Black mascara

If you'd try to recreate this look send me a picture on snapchat or twitter, whatever you prefer. I would love to see yours. That is it for today, comment down below for a celebrities make up looks for me to try recreate and say if this make up suits me or not.

Lots of love xoxo

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  1. so bootiful <3 u should try Taylor Swift's (People's Choice Awards 2014) makeup - it'd look amazing on you! x