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          ENG: Sorry everyone for the delay. But I just had some problems with my dog and then I haven't got Internet for the whole day and yesterday I was at my nan and there isn't neither service on the phone nor internet so I will upload 2 notes today and 2 tomorrow. I hope you don't mind that much.

So today I have another tag for you, more summery related. This is the "I heart summer tag" as you can probably tell by the title of this post. So lets begin with the questions, shall we?


The Questions:

1. Favorite bronzer for summer?

My favourtie brozner for the summer will have to be the Chocolate bronzer from Bourjois. I think it's great for summer, it has a teeny tiney shimmer in it so it looks goergous on your skin with the sun light and it smells soooooo good, oh my god this is so far my favourite smell that any beauty product ever has. Amazing

2. You're relaxing in a hammock, on a tropical island. What are you sipping on? (Favorite summer drink)

My favourite summer drink would probably be a Mojito, or Virgin Mojito (this one does not contains alcohol). I don't know but it became a tradition now, everytime I see my old friends and we go to some restaurant to drink sth and just talk, I order Mohito. it is just so refreshing and summery tasting to me I don't know why.

3. Favorite summer lip product?

I don't know if it's just me but I really like tinted lip balms or sheer lipsticks for summer, for like everyday look. So far my favourite one is from Maybelline Baby Lips in " Cherry Me". I love the smell, price, packaging, and the colour pay off. It's so great.

4. Pool or Beach?

Hmmm... that's a hard question, I love pool and beach as well but I think even though I have sunbathing and too much Sun in general I prefer beach because it's more summery for me, it has its own charm and I love swimming in a really clear see like for example in Croatia, my fav place to go on holiday ever <3

5. Summer = crazy hair! What's your must-have styling product?

For me the must-have styling product is probably Sea Salt Spray from Tony & Guy. I love this thing cause it smells amazing and it creates the best beachy waves every, I love it so much. You just need to spray it directly on to your hair and just squash it with your hands and you're done.

6. Sun bathing or fake tan?

As I said earlier I hate sunbathing but I also never fake tanned before but I hope to try it this year for the first time so stay tuned cause I'm planning a post about it later on. 

7. Favorite summer nail polish?

For summer I love painting my nails with fluorecent nail varnishes. I think that they are just so summery, fun and compliment my slightly tanned skin really, really well.

8. Any summer traditions?

I don't really have any summer traditions. I love when we go to my nan and when I do a bonfire with my friend and then we sleep in a tent behind the house in the garden. That's my fav things to do in Summer but even though they are not a tradtions yet I think I will start to do sth in this direction, to make it traditions.

9. Favorite summer scent?

For summer I love body mists instead of perfumes casue they are just so light weight and fresh and summery for me. My favourite one for now it probably Pink Summer Daze body mist from Victoria Secret. And let's put it out there, I am really fusy with scents, it is really hard for me to pick a scent that I would enjoy for a long time so yeah...Try that one :P

10. Favorite BBQ food?

I love when my mum does those sandwiches with butter, oil of olives and so kind of spices and grill it. It's just the best snack to have with every meat from BBQ for me, you have to try and do it yourself, it's delicious.
11. What's your favorite summer-proof product?

No don't think I have one, just quiet yet, but we have 2 and a half months of holidays haven't we? I'm sure that I'm gonna find sth special.
12. Any summer vacation plans this year? No plans? Tell us about your dream summer trip!

Okay, so for this summer vacation/holidays I have planned so far that I'm going to London on Monday 20th of July and then I will probably stay at my nan's for about 4 days or sth like that and in August I'd like to work for a bit and then in September I'm going with my uni friends to France (Marseille and Paris) for 10 days so I just can't wait already <3


So that is it. I hope you liked it and that you find that helpful or inspiring and I'd love to see some of your answers so be sure to leave them in the comments and see you in the next post


Lots of love xoxo

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