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          ENG: Hi everyone, I am so so sorry that I haven't been here for such a long time. I know I was supposed to upload every other day but I didn't work out. I think that was too much pressure for me. But I am back I spent 2 weeks at my aunt's house, in the mountains with no internet connection or phone service and that was so refreshing for me, you can't even imagine.
But anyways I am back cause I missed running this blog and I am determined to post at least 13 post before September would start.
So here we go, today I've got my current favourite things for you, I hope you'll enjoy that.

Song: High on the Beach by Lana Del Rey <3

Book: The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Food: Ice cream tiramisu flavoured (go and try the Grycan ones if you can get a hold of them)

Youtuber - Female: Lucy and Lydia - they are twins, they're 21 from Nowrich in England and they are just the cutest people on planet, honestly. And also they upload like 3 or 4 times a week and their editing skills are on point. All in all they are just fab <3 I love them a lot.

Youtuber - Male: Superfruit - omg so if you haven't heard about Pentatonix go and youtube them right now, they're amazing. So superfruit is a channel run by two members of ptx Scott and Mitch. They know themselves for like 10 years and are best frineds and just are so cute and fun to watch. I highly recommend them.

Musician: Tori Kelly, so I've heard some people on yt talking about her but actually waht made me listen to her was the fact that she has a song with Ed Sheeran. And then I listened to the whole album and I am in love, she is amazing, has a great songs and wonderful voice. I love her to pieces.

Make up item: So I went last month to London with my friend and again as I always do,  bought too much makeup. But I think that my favourite thing was my Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107. I heard Zoe talking about it since like 2012 and I can't buy this particular shade here in Poland so I bought it in the UK and I'm obssesed. It's a perfect autumn shade, I think I'm will be wearing this every single day.

Film: Bloody Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio, I loved it

Room Decor thing: my white faux fur for my armchair (which in fact will be my dressing table chair, but not yet)

TV Show: okay it must be Pretty Little Liars. Can we talk about the season 6 for a minute? OMG, I was pissing myself from fear in every single episode since they land in the Doll House. Godness it is just the best show in the world, now we have to wait til January for the rest of the season but I hope it will be still as good as it has been so far.

Okay so that is it for this post, write me in the comment if you liked anything of my faves and what your 3 favourite things were during this summer. Stay tuned for another blog post.

Lots of love xoxo

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