#43 Zoella Blog Relaunch, #WILD Album and Eyelure by Fleur deForce etc.| BLOGIDAYS ♥

          ENG: Hi everyone, how are you? So today I thought I would share with you some things that are going to happend really soon and I just can't wait for them to happen. Shall we get started with that list?

1. Zoella Blog Relaunch (I think that it is going to be so amazing, I just can't wait)

2. Troye Sivan's #Wild Album

3. Fleur DeForce False Eyelashes Rage for Eyelure (they supposed to be availabe on soon)

4. Jaspar Project

5. Ariana Grande's new album

6. Little Mix's new album

7. Justin Bieber's suprise

8. My holiday in France in the middle of September

9. Autumn

10. Later on - Christmas

11. My birthday

12. My pamper evening with my bff next week

13. Coming back to uni

14. Redecorating my room

15. Creating my dressing table

16. My bae is coming to my city soon <3333333

17. School supplies shopping 

18. My first real tattoo

19. Getting a new puppy

I think that is quite a lot. I think that I forgot about something but if I remembered I will type it in here for you and for me to be excited and have sth to wait for because I just love that feeling.
Okay, so mission for you, write down for me in the comments what are you exctied right now(4 things), it could be litteraly any thing, I would love to know. I will write sth soon, I promise x

Lots of love xoxo

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  1. well... you better tell me who your bae is (point 16). should I be jealous? because I am jealous as hell :D x