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          ENG: Hello boys and girls! Probably mostly girls but... yeah :P Okay, 2 sentences and it is already awkward :D Deal with me today, I'm dying of period pains, it must be one  of the side effects, being really awkward.

So today I'm trying out sth a bit different again. I don't know wether you're gonna like it or not, don't know if I'm gonna make it as good as I want it to, but yeah... we're gonna try it. Well I'm gonna try it xD God help me today, what's wrong with me? xd

So I've got a list of basic things, that you do everyday, that could help you prevent acne. I'm not a professional dermatologist or any other skin related doctor but that is what I know, what I found on the internet and I just think that even if it wouldn't work it is worth a try, right?

Okay so here we go:

1. Don't smoke

2. Keep your hair products off your face

3. Use make up tools like: make up brushes, beauty blenders - not fingers

4. Keep your hands away from your face (esspecialy if you're not sure what you've been touching or if you're sweaty)

5. Clean the screan of you mobile (damp a cotton bud with an alcohol)

6. Sleep on your back and wash your sheets/pillox cases frequently

7. Use oil free products

Okay so that's that, tell me in the comments do you already do some of those points and I would love to hear your advices as well if you have ones. Take care and stay tuned for some more posts soon 

Lots of love xoxo

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