#02 Okey, I'm really really sorry :)

            Hmmm, I don't know how to start, really. I am really really sorry as I said in the title that I haven't been posting anything for sooo long. I don't know why I haven't been doing this. But the good news aaaaare: I'M BACK :D I know that everyone is happy right now xd. I'm a bit sick at the moment so I thought that this is the right time to write somthing. And I want to apologize you in advance for my mistakes because my friend Megan and I stopped maintaining contact sooo... But I'm gonna try my best, I pinky promise :>

          I think I  failed to be honest with you. I haven't found my summer job so as a result i haven't been on a trip with my friends in September. And sadly I haven't accomplished my summer "to-do" list but anyways I'm quite happy beacause this holidays was really good one. I had sooo much fun with all of my firends.

          Another happy news is the fact that my dad bought me and my friend tickets for Ed Sheeran's concert on 13th of Febuary <3. I literally can't wait and I'm already counting down. Only 145 days left :PP

          Secondly, I had birthday 5 days ago, but i haven't done any birthday party yet, so stay tuned because I think there's gonna be a note with my make up and outfit of the day and some snacks maybe :>

          Thirdly, that's weird but for someone who didn't get a summer job I had a lot of money so I ended up doing  a "litlle" drugstore and high-end make up haul, so this should be here also(a photos, prices and my first impressions) :)

           Last but not least, the autumn is coming and I think it deserve mentioning because I don't know whether you know or not but this is my favorite season of the year. I love thick sweaters, hot tea/chocolate, this indie music which is perfect to me for this season, I love rain and the leaves which change the colors and basically yeah... I just truely love it <3

          Uuuuu... I've just come across the idea that maybe I should do a TMI (too much information) Tag, I know that usually people do it on youtube but who told that it is not allowed on blogs too? I think it could be fun and you could get me know a little bit better :)

Okey that's it for today, I think. I'm gonna make some tea for myself and lie under the blankets and I think I'm gonna find some book to read or I'll make a autumn-ly playlist on the spotify. I hope you're having a lovely day.
Lots of love xoxo

P.S. My favorite song for now is whether One Direction - Fireproof or The 1975 - Heart Out, they sound like typical song for autumn to me. Let me know what is your "must have" on yours autumn/fall playlist. And also tell me why you do like or dislike autumn. I'm waiting for your comments. Seriously, you don't have to be scared of me, I won't bite you, I swear :DD. And alson I'm sorry for the amount of emojis in this note but I'm just addicted to them, at least you can see my emotions during wirting this (well.. kind of xd) but I hope you don't mind :>


  1. so outumn is my fave season of the year too, i can't wait to wear all this cute sweaters and high boots! and it's also less than one month to my birthday ;) on my autumn playlist i have fireproof, best mistake and my everything by ariana grande, happiness by the fray & more. love youu & i'm waiting for new posts! you're amazing ;)

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. I will check those songs for sure, thank you a lot :* I'm so glad that autumn is you fav season too <3 Stay tuned because I have 4 or 5 notes to post here soon, I hope you'll like it. Thank you for your comment sweetie. Love you :3

  2. Tak, masz rację ! Jesień ma coś w sobie <3
    Te wszystkie barwy, wspomnienia, ludzie! To wręcz magiczny czas :D
    Mam nadzieje, że uda nam się spotkać w tym okresie na jakąś gorącą czekoladę lub chociaż dzień pieczenia babeczek!! :D
    Piosenka, która kojarzy mi się z jesienią i dodaje takiego klimatu to "Mad at gravity - Burn "
    Pozdrawiam ~ Twój Czekoladowy Prześladowca :3

  3. Też mam taką nadzieje :) + dziękuje bardzo za rekomendacje piosenki :> Obczaje na pewno co to :D by the way dlaczego jesteś "czekoladowym" prześladowcą? :PP
    Kocham i dziękuje za komentarz :33