#04 Holiday Make up and Beauty Haul

Well, hello everyone *aka Tyler Oakley's voice*, welcome to my blog again. Today I have really exciting post and this is a beauty haul *______*. And I also would love to apologize to you guys that I didn't post it yesterday as I was supposed to. But I came back from my uni really late and I instantly fall asleep ;x

This is weird in my opinion but when I was on holiday I had more money then I normally would an d I really don't know where were they from xd . So I decided to buy some make up pieces. And also I'd like to mention that my holiday lasted 4 and a half months so I didn't buy it at once, which would be weird for me, my parents and people in the shops but it was a few times, and I also ordered some things online :)

Maybe I'll seperate all of this things in some categories because me and you would get lost in this list xd

*Skin care:

*Make up:

 this is just one swipe :>

 This is more pinky than orengey on the lips :)

 This is MAC Woodwincked

And this is MAC chorcoal brown


*Nail Varnish:



I hope that this pictures are better quality, but lightning may still sucks, cause I've been taking those pictures when the sun has already set.

Lots of love xoxo

Please let me know in the comments what were you 3 fav things that you've bought during holidays.
And it would be really lovely of you if you would recommend this blog to someone who may like it also ( of course if you like it, if you don't then... well...I hope you like it xdd) And if you don't like anything about this blog let me know in the comments too and i will try to fix it :>
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That's all for today, take care sweeties :33
Byee xoxo


  1. amazing note as always ;) you bought so many things haha i can't even remember what i've bought during holidays... nothing special i think :/ and of course i'm gonna recommend your blog to all my friends because i love it! and i can't see any dislikes about it, it's amazing ;) much love

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. Thank you very much sweetie for your comment :* And thank for the fact that you're gonna recommend it to your friend, i really appreciate it :*
      Love you lots xoxo

  2. Cudowne rzeczy kupiłaś! :D Nawet pare razy byłam z Tb! :D
    Ja no cóż.... ughhh.. kupiłam co pamiętam dwie książki :D Byłaś wtedy ze mną :P
    Więcej rzeczy nie pamiętam xD
    Życzę dalszych udanych zakupów ! :D

    1. That's right :) pare razy byłyśmy razem na zakupkach :> I było najlepiej :D Nie wiem czy wiesz ale moje ulubione dni wakacji to te spędzone z Tobą albo z Asią :) Pamiętam książki, nie długo dostaniesz ode mnie nową do kolekcji :P
      Kocham Cię i dziękuje za komentarz :**

  3. Taaak...! Dostanę książkę ?! <3
    Jezuu Kocham Cię :D
    Cieszę się jak Zgredek skarpetką !!!
    hahhaha <3
    Czekam do kolejnej noci :*