#11 My booties for winter | Fashion

          Hello everyone. How are you today? You know what? I had already written a post but I think I'm gonna change it, actually.
           If you can't stop watching youtubers just like me you probablly know, that Zoe had made a boo hoo haul video. I fell in love with a few of her choices from there, especially with shoes. Because I couldn't find that particular ones on their website I decided to find a dupe for them. Well, maybe not excatly a dupe, cause dupe supposed to be cheeper and I think that I actually paid more. But anyways, I love these shoes so much, that I decided to show off here a little bit with them. I hope you don't mind but I really, really love them.

I personally think that they are "on" this autumn and winter, everyone has sth like this, they are absolutely stunning. They are black, so you can pair them with pretty much everything and the only downside is the price. They costed me like 95 £ (which is about 156 $)so kinda on a pricy side, as you can tel,l but I think they were worth it, cause they are my must-have for this autumnal-y/winter-y time and I will wear them litteraly everyday.

Lots of love xoxo

Well, then there it is next note. I hope you liked it. It was quite random and spontanious but I like it.
If you liked it let me know in the comment section and don't forget to rate this post by clicking on those little boxes underneath that post. I can tell you already that the next post will be on Teausday and it will be quite random too but the post after the Tueasday one will be a wintery theamed. I am super excited about it. It has to be perfect. I hope you're gonna love it as much as I do already. So now, question for today : what is your clothing winter must - have? That's all for today. We'll see next Tueasday with a next post. Take care sweeties. Kisses xx


#10 My Makeup Wishlist

          Wazz up peeps?! xD Welcome again to my blog, the little baby of mine, which still grows. Acutally, I need to tell you something. I have, like a little notebook, where I write all of my ideas for the post, and guess what? If I would write one post per week, then I already have the ideas for 3 NEXT YEARS... How crazy is that?! I hope I will write a post about every topic I have in my little notebook. Keep your finger's crossed for me :)

         Okey, so slaysicaly, ( I think you should get used to the fact, that I will try to put a word "slay" in everything what is posibble, it's because of Tyler Oakley's and Troye Sivan's twitcams xD, but I don't think it's gonna last very very long, maybe a few of posts really, I hope you don't mind ) I love do make up, it is one of these things that I probably won't ever get bored of. I wanted to start, like, my own makeup collection and I'm moving forward really, I try to buy some of beauty products every month, and to be slayest, I spent my money only for music, books (sometimes), and make up :D The rest buy me my parents, for now.

          And I don't know how it works but I have sth like that, that when I make a list of thing that I need to do or i need to buy, it's easier for me to slayctually make it. I don't know if I'm the only one who have sth like thing ( I you have sth similar let me know in the comment c; ), but it works, so I'll just make a list of the beauty products, that I really want in the moment.

Wishlist for now:

1) Face Primer: Smashbox face primer (clear)

2) Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection

3) Power: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

4) Concealer: MAC Prolongwear Concealer

5) Eye brows: Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil dark brown or Soap and Glory Archery

6) Eyeshadow Palette : Urban Decay Naked Original

7) Mascara: Maybellin Mega Plush

8) Eye pencil : Mac eye pencil #Coffee

9) Highlighter: Dior Amber Diamonds

10) Blusher: Milani Baked Blusher #Dolce Pink or Sleek Blush #Pomegranate

11) Bronzer: Benefit Hoola Bronzer

12) Lip balm: The Body Shop Lemon Lip butter

13) Lip liner: Nyx #Plum

14) Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss #107

15) Lipgloss: NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss #Beige

16) Liquid lipstick: Rimmel Apocalips #Across the Universe

17) Brush: Real Techniques Stipling Brush

18) Nail Varnishes: China Glaze #Dress Me Up, Barry M Gelly Hi Shine #Olive 

         Well, I know it seems a lot of things, I does also for me but I won't be buying these things as a one purchase, people would looking weird at meh. And also some of these products are rather pricy, so I think it's gonna take a while but I really want these things in my life. And yeah.. I think that's all for today. Thanks for your attention and I'll slay you next Monday. And I slaycutaly think that next Monday there's gonna be a little anouncement for ya'll and I really can't wait for it . I'm so super, super, super excited. Dhfiohfueiufhuisidhuie. Okey..

Lots of love xoxo

Also don't forget to leave me a comment with some of yours make up wishes. Also there are a litlle boxes, which are so cute that I don't know how you can resit clicking on them :)
The next thing is the fact that I'm trying to improve this blog and I'm looking for a cool, not that difficult programme or app for editing and making collage out of photos. So if you could recomend me sth, that would be really nice of you :*
And last but not least, I've been thinking recently about making sth which would be called " Monthly Playlist" for you in a post form but now, when I have this spotify banner I think that i'm gonna make that playlists on my private spotify account and then upload it right here, for you, so there's gonna be different playlist every month full of songs that I dicovered that month or just the old song but the ones, that I was listening particulary long for that month.
So let me know what you think about that, and that's probably all for today. Have a nice evening and the rest of the week.


#09 My Everyday Makeup

          Hi, hi, hi, hi, HIIIIII guys. I'm back, I wasn't here for about a week now. Whoa, what a hella long time. I missed you, you know? :* This time a post will be on time, cause I have a few days free from uni :D. And you know what the sad thing about this is? The fact, that I haven't done anything productive really. I just get sick all of the sudden and read some fanfictions.
         I know what you think, but yes, I'm 19 years old and I still read fanfictions xD Don't judge me okey?! I love it, every time I do it I start acting like a little weirdo, cause I really empathise with it, I comment it out loud and I laugh out loud too xd
         I was reading one some day at 4 a.m. and I started to laugh so hard and loud, that I woke up all my family :P Just normal me xD.

Okey, but let's move on from me to the point of this post, which is my everyday makeup routine, that I wear on a daily basis :)

Sorry for the quality and lightning guys

The products I used:

* Concelear - Collection Lasting Perfection #Fair

* Eyebrow shadow - MAC #Chorcoal brown

* Brow Gel - MAC brow set

* Powder - Essence All About Matte!

* Bronzer for contouring - The Body Shop Honey Bronzer #01 Light Matte

* Bronzer for brozing up my face - Rimmel Match Perfection #001 Light

* Highlighter - TheBalm Mary-Lou Minizer

* Blusher - W7 Candy Floss

* Eye Primer - Soap and Glory It's About Prime

* Eye shadow - Clinique like milk Duo - baige-y shade as a base and brown shade as a crease shadow

* Mascara -Maxfactor False Lash Effect #Black

* Lip balm/Lip Stick - I forgot to put it into the photo, but I usually use my Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss or Rimmel London lipstick in #19

My face is actually contoured but you can't see it on this photo 

And that's all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. I don't know about you but I'm always curious about some people everyday makeup and which products they use. So, you can write me in the comment, what do you guys usually wear for everyday makeup.

Lots of love xoxo

As always don't forget to leave a comment and rate this little post. I also notice that my posts are super duper long, what do you think? I should start make them shorter? Which one would you prefer to read? And for the last thing I found sth like Spotify banner for blogs and I'm thinking about it. I don't know the details yet, but they said me in the commercial, that you could listed to different music that I'd choose for ya in every post. What do you think? I should try this out? I'm waiting for your opinions x See you next Monday xx


#08 Sweather Weather Tag! | Tag n°2

          Bonjour my firends, and first of all I'd like to apologize to you again, for not uploading new post on Moday but on Tuesday, but I came back really late yesterday and I was really tired. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. or sth like this and the second I lied on my bed when I came back home, at like 9 p.m., I fell asleep.
 And second of all I don't know whether you know or don't, but autumn is here for about a month now. And I don't know if you do know but autumn is actually my favorite season, so I thought that it deserves a seperate Tag. The previous one was such a fun post to write, that I've decided to do this one too.
          Today, as you can probably tell by the title of the post I've got a Sweater Weather Tag. I've seen Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi on youtube and Bethany aka Macbarbie07 on youtube doing this some time ago, so as I brought one tag from YT why can't I bring another one too?

         Alrighty, here we've got the questions:

1) Favorite candle scent?

Haven't found my fav yet to be honest :D

2) Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

I defenitely love the most hot chocolate, I used to drink sweet cocoa everyday but my dermatoligist doesn't let me to do it anymore, so I need to drink jucies or tea, cause I don't like coffee really, besides Pumpkin Spice Latte and frappes in Starbucks :P

3) What's the best fall/autumn memory you have?

You see, I have birthday in autumn, in September, so autumn will always be happy season for me, cause it connote me my bday :) and I think that everyone is happy on their birthday :DD

4) Which make up trend do you prefer: dark lips of winged eye liner?

Defenitely dark lips, I love love love, wearing dark lips in general but especially in autumn :) My lip product of this autumn is Revlon Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion, that great really dark berry/ purple colour, great for autumn and winter. I wear winged liner on daily basis, so it's not really autumnal thing for me :)

5) Best fragrance for fall?

I don't have a day time one, cause I'm still using up my Marc Jacobs Dasies, but the night time one would be LA vie est belle by Lancome :) It's a bit stronger, and sophisticated I think :)

6) Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Emm..., I'm gonna write a fav thing to eat cause, we're not celebrating Thanksgiving in Poland really.
So, I think it's gonna be  a cinnamon bun, I've tried it recently and fell in love immediately, and in my case everything which is pumpkin or cinnamon flavored screams autumn to me :D

7) What is autumn weather like where you live?

I live in Poland, so the weather is always changing. For example, l two years ago in May we had snow tbh xd But this autumn is rather warm, like about 15 degrees and it's cloudy and foggy too, there isn't a lot of rain this year though but it's nice and quite typicall autumnal weather, I really enjoy it personally.

8) Most worn sweater?

It's gonna be this one. My dad but me it when he was in Spain I believe in Stradivarius and it's really cute. You can wear it with jeans you can wear it with black legging and I just love it <3

9) Must-have nail polish this fall/autumn?

It's gonna be those two:
Chinchilly by Essie and Cocoa by Barry M (Autumn 2014 Collection)

I love them, I love the fact that they're cool toned, and the shades are really great for autumn, a bit darker, just perfect for this time of year for me :D

10) Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

I kind of hate any kind of sport (I mean, I hate watching sport, but I like to jog, swim and rollerblade personally btw) so it's gonna be jumping in leaf piles for sure, for me :>

11) Skinny jeans or leggins?

Emm... I have kind of "wide" hips so I look okey only in black leggins, cause the printed ones make my bum look even bigger xd I know TMI but I wanted to explain why do I prefer skinny jeans all year round :>

12) Combat boots or Uggs?

I choose Combat boots, I don't know 'bout you but I prefer wearing Uggs in winter personally, cause they are soooooo warm <3

13) Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?

Yes! YES! Defenitely, I wrote about my love to it in my previous blog post, so you can check it out if you'd like to :)

14) Favorite fall/autumn TV show?

I'm gonna stick with "The Originals", "The Vampire Diares" and not so halloween-y "Sherclock Holmes".

15) What song really gets you into the fall/aumun spirit?

I actually made my autumnal playlist but I don't know how to put a link here to my spotify profile so I'm gonna write down all the artists and song for ya :D

* Troye Sivan - Fun

* Troye Sivan - Touch

* Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill

* LIGHTS - Up We Go

* LIGHTS - Same Sea

* Banks - Beggin for a Thread

* Magic! - Don't Kill the Magic

* Magic! - One Woman One Man

* Shawn Mendes - Life Of The Party

* Bad Suns - Salt

* Self - Runaway

* Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj - Touchin, Lovin

* Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

* Vance Joy - Riptide

* Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

* Vance Joy - Georgia

* Daughter - Youth

* The Neighbourhood - W.D.Y.W.F.M.?

* The Neighbourhood - Staying Up

* The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

* Justin Bieber - One Love

* Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound

* Joe Jonas - See No More

* Ed Sheeran - Photograph

* Ed Sheeran - Firefly

* Bastille - Of the Night

* Coldplay - Fix You

* Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

* The Killers -When You Were Young

* The Killers - Mr. Brightside

* Passion Pit - Take a Walk

* Foster The People - Houdini

* Echosmith - Cool Kids

* Mumford & Sons - Lillte Lion Man

* The Chainsmokers - Kanye

* Classified - 3 Foot Tall

Okey so that's it for today, I hope you liked this post. If you'd like to you can answer for all the question and if you don't have time you can answear at least 3 okey? I'd love to read your answears :)

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 I'm also thinking about doing a small pop about a thing that I'm planning to do for Christmas for ya'll. So I will let you know if anything would appear here, don't worry :>

Lots of love xoxo

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