#08 Sweather Weather Tag! | Tag n°2

          Bonjour my firends, and first of all I'd like to apologize to you again, for not uploading new post on Moday but on Tuesday, but I came back really late yesterday and I was really tired. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. or sth like this and the second I lied on my bed when I came back home, at like 9 p.m., I fell asleep.
 And second of all I don't know whether you know or don't, but autumn is here for about a month now. And I don't know if you do know but autumn is actually my favorite season, so I thought that it deserves a seperate Tag. The previous one was such a fun post to write, that I've decided to do this one too.
          Today, as you can probably tell by the title of the post I've got a Sweater Weather Tag. I've seen Ingrid aka MissGlamorazzi on youtube and Bethany aka Macbarbie07 on youtube doing this some time ago, so as I brought one tag from YT why can't I bring another one too?

         Alrighty, here we've got the questions:

1) Favorite candle scent?

Haven't found my fav yet to be honest :D

2) Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

I defenitely love the most hot chocolate, I used to drink sweet cocoa everyday but my dermatoligist doesn't let me to do it anymore, so I need to drink jucies or tea, cause I don't like coffee really, besides Pumpkin Spice Latte and frappes in Starbucks :P

3) What's the best fall/autumn memory you have?

You see, I have birthday in autumn, in September, so autumn will always be happy season for me, cause it connote me my bday :) and I think that everyone is happy on their birthday :DD

4) Which make up trend do you prefer: dark lips of winged eye liner?

Defenitely dark lips, I love love love, wearing dark lips in general but especially in autumn :) My lip product of this autumn is Revlon Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion, that great really dark berry/ purple colour, great for autumn and winter. I wear winged liner on daily basis, so it's not really autumnal thing for me :)

5) Best fragrance for fall?

I don't have a day time one, cause I'm still using up my Marc Jacobs Dasies, but the night time one would be LA vie est belle by Lancome :) It's a bit stronger, and sophisticated I think :)

6) Favorite Thanksgiving food?

Emm..., I'm gonna write a fav thing to eat cause, we're not celebrating Thanksgiving in Poland really.
So, I think it's gonna be  a cinnamon bun, I've tried it recently and fell in love immediately, and in my case everything which is pumpkin or cinnamon flavored screams autumn to me :D

7) What is autumn weather like where you live?

I live in Poland, so the weather is always changing. For example, l two years ago in May we had snow tbh xd But this autumn is rather warm, like about 15 degrees and it's cloudy and foggy too, there isn't a lot of rain this year though but it's nice and quite typicall autumnal weather, I really enjoy it personally.

8) Most worn sweater?

It's gonna be this one. My dad but me it when he was in Spain I believe in Stradivarius and it's really cute. You can wear it with jeans you can wear it with black legging and I just love it <3

9) Must-have nail polish this fall/autumn?

It's gonna be those two:
Chinchilly by Essie and Cocoa by Barry M (Autumn 2014 Collection)

I love them, I love the fact that they're cool toned, and the shades are really great for autumn, a bit darker, just perfect for this time of year for me :D

10) Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

I kind of hate any kind of sport (I mean, I hate watching sport, but I like to jog, swim and rollerblade personally btw) so it's gonna be jumping in leaf piles for sure, for me :>

11) Skinny jeans or leggins?

Emm... I have kind of "wide" hips so I look okey only in black leggins, cause the printed ones make my bum look even bigger xd I know TMI but I wanted to explain why do I prefer skinny jeans all year round :>

12) Combat boots or Uggs?

I choose Combat boots, I don't know 'bout you but I prefer wearing Uggs in winter personally, cause they are soooooo warm <3

13) Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?

Yes! YES! Defenitely, I wrote about my love to it in my previous blog post, so you can check it out if you'd like to :)

14) Favorite fall/autumn TV show?

I'm gonna stick with "The Originals", "The Vampire Diares" and not so halloween-y "Sherclock Holmes".

15) What song really gets you into the fall/aumun spirit?

I actually made my autumnal playlist but I don't know how to put a link here to my spotify profile so I'm gonna write down all the artists and song for ya :D

* Troye Sivan - Fun

* Troye Sivan - Touch

* Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill

* LIGHTS - Up We Go

* LIGHTS - Same Sea

* Banks - Beggin for a Thread

* Magic! - Don't Kill the Magic

* Magic! - One Woman One Man

* Shawn Mendes - Life Of The Party

* Bad Suns - Salt

* Self - Runaway

* Trey Songz feat. Nicki Minaj - Touchin, Lovin

* Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

* Vance Joy - Riptide

* Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

* Vance Joy - Georgia

* Daughter - Youth

* The Neighbourhood - W.D.Y.W.F.M.?

* The Neighbourhood - Staying Up

* The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

* Justin Bieber - One Love

* Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound

* Joe Jonas - See No More

* Ed Sheeran - Photograph

* Ed Sheeran - Firefly

* Bastille - Of the Night

* Coldplay - Fix You

* Neon Trees - Everybody Talks

* The Killers -When You Were Young

* The Killers - Mr. Brightside

* Passion Pit - Take a Walk

* Foster The People - Houdini

* Echosmith - Cool Kids

* Mumford & Sons - Lillte Lion Man

* The Chainsmokers - Kanye

* Classified - 3 Foot Tall

Okey so that's it for today, I hope you liked this post. If you'd like to you can answer for all the question and if you don't have time you can answear at least 3 okey? I'd love to read your answears :)

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 I'm also thinking about doing a small pop about a thing that I'm planning to do for Christmas for ya'll. So I will let you know if anything would appear here, don't worry :>

Lots of love xoxo

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  1. Notka cudowna ! <3
    Też kocham gorącą czekoladę ! <3
    ale kawa to poezja !:D Więc miałabym ciężki orzech do zgryzienia jeżeli miałabym wybierać pomiędzy tą dwójką :D
    Btw. :D Piosenki cudne! :D Jak będę miała tylko chwilkę czasu to biorę się do ich przesłuchania :D Mogę Ci dać prywatnie swoją opinie na każdą z nich jeżeli tylko chcesz :D
    Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie ! <3
    I Życzę Ci ciepłego serduszka w te chłodne jesienne dni ;3

    1. No i popatrz, skoro stwierdziliście, że spotify banner to dobra opcja to teraz nie muisz się męczyć z wyszukiwaniem tylko możesz posłuchać wszystkiego tutaj :) I twoja prywatna opinia mogłabybyć fajna tylko błagam Cię nie łam mi serca, pretty please!

      Dziekuję Ci bardzo za komentarz Cukiereczku xD

      Kocham xx

  2. amazing note as always, sunshine. while i was reading your blog i realised that we are so much in common! and answering three questions: 1) i'm literally obssesed with candles! and my favorite scent is cinnamon, i have a bunch of the little ones and i just like to sit and listen to music and it feels so autumnly! adore it. 2) TEA! a couple months ago i found in the store an amazing (REALLY!!) tea, the flavor is "blueberry muffin" and it really tastes like a liquid muffin. you NEED to try it haha. 15) new one direction album (it's not out yet haha) just literally sounds like autumn!
    and i need to say i l o v e your fall playlist! it's so accurate and i think i'm gonna listen to a majority of these songs.
    waiting for a new note and looooove you!

    ~ your biggest fan

    1. Aww That's so sweet <3 Did you know that I've even heard about that tea? It's lipton isn't it? And I've heard that it's amazing but I haven't tried it yet, but know I'm going to, cause you convinced me :3
      Emmm... I've listened to Fireproof, Ready to Run and Steal My Girl by far of this album and they sound like "autumnal music" to me, I think you get me :> But I think I'm gonna listen to it when it'll come out :D I hope it's gonna be better then MM album :)
      I'm glad that you liked my picks too. I hope you're gonna love those as much as I do :))
      By the slay (<- I think you was expecting this xd just too much Troyler twitcams slaysicaly :D), I love when you're in such a good mood and give me sooo long, cute and positive comments, it makes my day every single time to be slayest xd <3

      Thank you for commenting sunshine:*

      Love you lots xo