#27 The Reading Challenge

          Hello everyone, first of all I feel as those blogposts kind of remind youtube videos... I don't know is it just me? Or do you also have that feeling? If you do please let me know in the comments what should I change, because... idk. I will try to make it more bloggy that youtuby really okay? I want to make more DIY but beauty related things, just random notes and also some reviews on make up products. I hope you're gonna like it.

           The second thing is that I don't know if there would be a new note next week, cause I have 2 really big and important exams next week. Please wish me luck, cause I can't even tell you how stressed I am righ now.

            Also I started to watch 2 new people on youtube, and I'm so happy, cause they are so adorable and cute that I can't even, they are obsessed with Sherlock, one of them sings really, really good they are british 18 and 19 years old and they ship Troyler :D Can they be more perfect? I think it's impossible. Their's channels are called " TheRealAlexBertie" and "Jake Edwards". Check them out and go give them some love cause they are not as big on youtube as they should be, in my opinion.

          Okay, so the last thing about "my life-ish" kind of style is the fact that my lessons at uni inspired me and I'm working on sth really, really cool. I will tell you, when that what's in my head will start to change into a really thing okay? If you're interested stay tuned (<--- in that kind of moments I feel like it's more youtuby then bloggy).

          But coming back to the point of this post. I found that picture/post/challenge on pinterest I believe, the other day and I love it. It will help me to read more, cause I've rather lazy last year and read like 5/6 books through out the whole 2014! How is it possible? I feel so pathetic because of that. And I also thought that you may like it, you know add a little bit of diversity to your normal comfort zone, when it comes to reading. I challenge you, okay? At least try to accomplish this Reading Challenge.

So yeah, that is all for today, I hope to write sth next monday but if I wouldn't then I will write in two weeks. I hope you'll understand and don't mind that much.

Lots of love xoxo

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  1. amazing note haha! i have like 12 books to read rn so i think these challenge isn't impossible hahah and i think i need to read them before this winter break ends sooo. and also i wish you luck at all this exams, you're gonna nailed it!
    waiting for more notes to come!
    love youuu x.