#21 IT'S X-MAS EVE!!! - Merry Christmas Everyone! | Blogmas

          Hi everyone! It's me again. Did you miss me? Soooooo... IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! I know that it might seems weird but in Poland we actually wish each other merry christmas on christmas eve. So, here I am, and that is what I want to do today :>

         Okay guys so I wanted to wish you mery Christmas, everything what's the best, a lot of smiles on your faces, positive attitude all year round, a lot of love and I hope you spent your Christmas Dinner with your family or the one that you love. I also wish you a great, great New Year's Eve party, I hope that 2015 will be even better then 2014 for y'all. I hope you will be still with me in 2015 reading all of it and commenting on my posts. I love you all sooo much, I hope you have amazing day and got or will get tomorrow a lot of the present that you were dreaming about. I also hope that all your dreams will come true and you will find a love of your life if you haven't already like me. And I actually have a one more post for this year's blogmas so stay tuned because tomorrow sth new will be here and yeah... I actually heard that I'm a master in making wishes but I think it would be better if I know you all in person then I could customized them :> But yeah... that's all for now and once again Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukah whatever you celebrate xoxo

Lots of love, Merry Christmas again xoxo


  1. merry chirstmas bae, have a good one! love youuu x.

  2. Dziękujemy za życzenia i wzajemnie! :D
    Oby wszystkie Twoje pragnienia i marzenia w końcu się spełniły i mogłabyś korzystać z życia jak tylko tego pragniesz! <3